Outfitting Your Classrooms with Proper Blinds

Outfitting Your Classrooms with Proper BlindsWe can all agree that making classrooms as conducive to learning as possible is a great idea, right? Well, one part of doing that is putting up proper blinds. What exactly is it that a classroom needs from its blinds though? Let’s take a look!

Tech Friendly

One part of running a class in the 21st century is making your classroom tech friendly. What does this mean? In this case, it means ensuring computers, tablets, and phones are easy to look at without sunlight getting in the way. This doesn’t mean you have to keep your classroom dark, just that you want to limit direct sunlight.

This accessibility is important. That’s because so much of our lives are stored behind screens, from assignment lists to dorm group chats. Your students need a classroom that caters to their learning needs. For this, we suggest window screens with side channels. For rooms where presentations happen frequently or that are dedicated computer labs, blackout shades may be better.

Temperature Assisting

Another thing to look out for in blinds is the ability to insulate. Blinds that can insulate will keep your classrooms from overheating during the hot months. They’ll also keep the warm air in during the cold months. This mean the air conditioner and heater don’t have to work as hard and your students will be more comfortable. When students are in a temperate room, they’ll have an easier time getting their work done. After all, they won’t be distracted by how warm or cold they are.

Screens and Shades

Window screens are especially good for classrooms. They have a number of features that are useful in this specific setting, including:

  • Insulating rooms, as explained above.
  • They can be paired with side channels. This aids in additional insulation while also lending them a sleeker look. Screens with side channels look well-kept and organized without any additional help.
  • Blocking out UV rays. This prevents damage to classroom fixtures, as UV is what causes sun damage.
  • Letting in light but keeping screens visible. Window screens diffuse sunlight, making it tech friendly.

Shades are a worthy consideration for rooms that need to remain dark, such as computer labs or presentation rooms. Here’s what they have to offer:

  • Complete sun blockage. This means you can use your projector without sunlight getting in the way of the projection.
  • Insulation as mentioned above.
  • They can be paired with side channels which makes them look neat and organized as well as providing additional insulation.
  • Window shades block out the view, which can be great for concentration as well as privacy during exams.

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