Non-Commercial Uses for Print On Blinds

How Having Blinds Protects Your Belongings from DamagePrint on blinds are infinitely useful for business. You can print your logo, your business’ contact information, or other, similar things. However, did you know print on blinds aren’t just for commercial businesses? There’s no law stating that you can’t print anything you want on these blinds. That means there are countless ways to implement them that are only limited by your creativity. Let’s see some fun, non-commercial uses for print on blinds.

Nursery Blinds

Decorating a nursery to be child-friendly on every surface can be kind of difficult. While it’s easy to find furniture and toys to spark curiosity and creativity in your baby, blinds aren’t as easy – until now! Ordering print on blinds with custom designs allows you to put up colorful, creative, and cute window shades in your baby’s room. Consider cute animal designs, flowers, or the night sky. Installing these blinds with the design facing inward will allow your baby to enjoy whatever you choose to order.

Unique Windows

Even if you don’t have a baby or small child, who’s to say you can’t order creative designs for yourself? If you like the idea of having roller screens in your windows but don’t want plain white, print on blinds are the solution. Order with a design you love and make your windows more unique than your neighbors’.

Bar Cover

If you have a bar on one side of your kitchen counter, you may be able to cover it when desired. If your bar is framed in, putting up side channels and a print on blind will allow you to close up shop, so to speak. This will allow you more privacy while you cook. If someone is working or watching TV in the next room, it will also help block out some of the kitchen sounds, smells, and lights.

By covering this space with print ons, you can pick a fun or aesthetic design for the outside of the blinds. This will make the bar cover as much a part of the decor as everything else in the room. Choose something classy or creative. Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will look great!

Outdoor Bar Menu

Even more functional is using these print on blinds as a menu. If you have an outdoor bar with a kitchen window behind it, you can use print ons to advertise to friends and family exactly what you keep available in your bar. Choosing drinks has never been easier than with all of your options in front of you.

No matter what you do with your print on blinds, the key is creativity. With a small dose of creativity, we’ve taken something aimed toward commercial use and made it something anyone can benefit from. If you have questions about Domir Blinds’ print on blinds, contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions.


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