Jewelry Shop Blinds That Protect from Break-Ins

Jewelry Shop Blinds That Protect from Break-Ins

If you own a jewelry shop, it’s not unexpected if you’ve had concerns about break-ins. Jewelry shops are one of the most ambitious types of break-ins and can lead to a huge loss to the owner and a huge gain to the burglar. Therefore, it’s in any jewelry shop owner’s best interest to consider all of the ways they can prevent burglary from befalling their business.One of the easiest steps to burglary prevention is, surprisingly, getting some decent blinds. Let’s take a look at how jewelry shop blinds can protect from break-ins.

Planning a Break-In

When a burglar is planning a break-in, there are some pretty routine steps they must take. The first thing is picking a target. The target shop will be one that allows easy success in all of the other planning steps. So, in order to avoid becoming a target, you must know what other planning steps a burglar takes. That way, you can ensure your shop will not make them easy.

The next step in planning is being able to stake out the shop. That means the ability to check out the products, how tight security is, business hours, and when people are and aren’t around. 

A burglar can easily walk into the shop in plain clothes and pose as a future patron. However, there’s more to staking out a shop than taking inventory. It all comes down to being able to see into the shop from outside.

The Importance of Privacy

That brings us to the importance of privacy. Why does a burglar need to see in from outside? It’s because they need to see these three things:

  • People
    If a burglar is going to break into a shop, they’re going to go in undercover. However, if they can’t see in through the windows, they can’t see if there’s anyone inside. Employees may be hanging around after hours to work or there may be a private meeting with a customer. If the burglar can’t see in through the windows, they can’t break in without a huge amount of risk involved. The only other way to find out if there are people inside while the door is locked is to start the breaking-in process. In that case, if there are people inside, the burglar is done for.
  • Security
    Because so many shops put up additional security measures at night, a burglar will need to be able to see the store after hours to take full stock of security measures. For instance, sensors, additional locks, and alarms can all be engaged only after hours.
  • Merchandise
    While merchandise can be checked out from inside the store, in plain clothes, going into the shop at all is a huge risk. Exposing yourself to security cameras with your face uncovered, from any angle, automatically increases the likelihood of being caught. Therefore, if a burglar is uninterested in raising the stakes by going inside, they will want to be able to check out the shop’s contents from the street.

Gain Privacy with Jewelry Shop Blinds

The best way to gain privacy for your jewelry shop is by installing good blinds. Classic, slatted blinds block out light and leave shops with a dark, dreary interior. Consider sheer vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, and The Ninet for your shop. All of these options allow light to come into the shop while keeping out unwanted eyes. Give us a call at Domir today if you need help choosing.


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