How to Prevent Sun Bleaching Without Foregoing Sunlight

How to Prevent Sun Bleaching Without Foregoing Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the most well-loved parts of living on planet Earth. However, it can also cause a litany of problems. One such problem is sun bleaching. You can avoid sun bleaching by keeping your curtains closed, but then your home is left in the dark. How do we find a happy medium? Is it possible to prevent sun bleaching without shutting out the sun completely? Of course you can! Here’s how Domir Blinds can save your belongings from damage without depriving you of the sunlight you love.

What Causes Sun Bleaching?

Sun bleaching is what when a colored item is exposed to direct sunlight often. The UV rays in the sunlight break down the dye molecules. That means a blanket, shirt, or even a plastic figurine can have the dye taken right out of it just by sitting in the sun!

You can see this happening often with blankets on a made bed. One corner of the bed may be in line with the sunlight coming in through the bedroom window. That one corner, exposed to the same sun every day, will slowly become lighter than the rest of the blanket. This phenomenon is also easy to spot with outdoor kids’ toys, such as slides, child-sized picnic tables, and rubber balls. If left outside in the sun, they will lose their vibrant colors over time.

Blocking UV Rays

So, the solution to prevent sun bleaching is simple. You simply need to block UV rays. The easiest way to do this is by shutting out sunlight entirely. Keeping the curtains closed in your guest room will protect the blankets there from getting damaged. However, what about the rest of your home? If you shut all the curtains when the sun is out, you’ll live in perpetual darkness. This isn’t an option for most people. Not only does a complete lack of sunlight cost more in electric to light a home, but can also lead to depression and other health problems from a lack of vitamin D.

Letting in Sunlight

Instead of blocking out sunlight, let it all come flooding in! As long as something is screening out UV rays, the sun will do no harm to you or your belongings. That’s where Domir Blinds comes in. We have a number of blinds available that provide a UV screen.

For example, our roller screens are easy to pull down and block out UV. They let in plenty of sunlight though. Plus, you can still see outside even with roller screens down. However, just because you can see out of a roller screen doesn’t mean your neighbors can see in. Roller screens provide one-way visibility, making them fantastic for blocking UV and unwanted eyes. Furthermore, roller screens also provide insulation, keeping out unwanted heat in the summer and saving you money on cooling.

Order Domir

If you want blinds that will improve all aspects of home life, we’ve got what you need at Domir. If roller screens aren’t your style, check out our sheer vertical blinds and other designs that block UV. Give us a call if you need help ordering or have questions about our products.

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