How to Clean Fabric Blinds

How to Clean Fabric Blinds

Cleaning blinds is something that confounds most people. The confusion only grows with more complex or delicate blinds designs. So, how does one go about cleaning fabric blinds? Domir Blinds, the blinds manufacturing professionals, are here to offer our best methods for how to clean fabric blinds in your home or business.

Remove Loose Dust

The first step to clean fabric blinds is to remove loose dust. This should be done first, especially if you intend to wash them. Getting your blinds wet, if they’re covered in loose dust, will make them harder to clean. All of the loose dust will clump together and stick to the blinds fabric.

To remove loose dust, you have a few options.

  • Use a duster. You can easily remove loose dust with a static duster. It won’t get everything, but it will remove enough to make the rest of the cleaning process easier.
  • Use a vacuum hose. A vacuum will also easily pull off loose dust. Even better, it will suck it straight into a vacuum bag instead of loosening it and allowing it to float free into your breathing space.
  • Use a lint roller. If you have a lint roller lying around, giving your fabric blinds a good once or twice over with it is a great way to remove loose dust. This will also pull out any pet hairs that have gotten threaded into the fabric. A vacuum or duster isn’t as likely to get these out.

Remove Remaining Dust

Loose dust is easy to remove. However, there’s always going to be more dust that’s settled into the fabric and harder to remove. For remaining dust, you have a couple of options for removal.

  • Use a bristle brush. If you have a clean, dry brush, like the type you would scrub your nails with, you can use this to free stuck-in dust. Gently brushing the fabric will loosen this dust, which you can suck up with a vacuum.
  • Wash the dust out. If you intend to wash your fabric blinds, you can go straight to washing them after removing the loose dust. The water will wash out whatever remains.

Stain Removal

If your fabric blinds have been stained, you probably started this cleaning process entirely to remove said stain. How does one go about stain removal in fabric blinds? The first step is testing whatever cleaner you intend to use on it.

Take a small amount of the cleaner you’re planning to use and put it onto a hidden part of the fabric blinds. Are your blinds longer than your window and a portion of them remains collapsed at the bottom? Test a part that’s hidden within the folds down there. That way, when you get to cleaning the part that’s visible, you can be sure your cleaner won’t bleach or further stain your blinds.

Wash Your Blinds

After ensuring your cleaner works as intended, remove your blinds from the window. Submerge them in half a bathtub of warm water and swish them back and forth gently. This will remove remaining dust. Then, apply your stain removal cleaner as needed. Rinse thoroughly, then collapse the blinds as intended and squeeze them to remove excess water. Finally, lay them out on some clean, hard flooring, or hang them back up to dry.

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