How Motorized Blinds Benefit The Average Homeowner

How Motorized Blinds Benefit The Average HomeownerGetting motorized blinds isn’t something most homeowners have considered. The hassle of opening and closing blinds goes unnoticed by the majority. So why is it worth consideration? Here are the reasons you should consider getting motorized blinds.

Less Hassle

Getting motorized blinds means less hassle day to day. If you enjoy the sunshine during the day, consider how many days you’ve sat in the dark because you just didn’t want to bother getting up to open the blinds. You won’t have to sacrifice the little things because they don’t seem worth the effort anymore.

Helps With Hard-To-Reach Windows

If you have a lot of big windows or some that are high up and hard or impossible to reach, motorized blinds are here to help. Motorized blinds can make even the highest windows easy to cover or uncover on a whim. Using your phone, you can make quick work of blocking out sunlight on a hot day or keeping your privacy intact.

Better For Your Health

That’s right! Having motorized blinds actually benefits your health. How? Because you can set your blinds to open on a timer, you will have them open regularly. Having your blinds open regularly is great! It lets in sunshine which brightens the room up much better than a floor lamp can. That means less squinting, which is easier on your eyes. The majority of people are even vitamin D deficient. Having your blinds open everyday will ensure you get a regular dose of vitamin D without even leaving your house.

Not only do motorized blinds give a boost to your physical health, they also benefit your mental health. Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight, can aid in keeping away or fighting depression.

Keeping your motorized blinds on a timer is also a huge aid in helping you sleep better at night. Humans have something called a circadian rhythm. That’s what you might call your internal clock. When you make sure to keep your surroundings lit during the day and dark when you sleep at night, it keeps your circadian rhythm from getting out of line. It makes sure your brain knows what time it is. Getting it to cooperate with you is easier that way.

Accessible For Disabled and Elderly People

If you’re physically disabled or suffering from pain in your old age, having motorized blinds is a massive help. Weak joints or limited mobility can make opening and closing blinds each day a monumental or unattainable task. Being able to control them from your phone can be a huge improvement to your quality of life. No more pushing yourself to your limits just for some sunshine. No more sitting in the dark on a beautiful day because you’re too tired to walk around the house opening blinds. You’ve got access to them right from your pocket!


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