How Grocery Stores Benefit from Print On Blinds

How Grocery Stores Benefit from Print On Blinds

Have you ever noticed how large, chain grocery stores have these neat, vinyl advertisements on their front windows? These are usually pinned up with suction cups and say something about a sale or touts their low prices. These can be somewhat expensive, but there’s a cheaper and more multifunctional alternative. Smaller grocery businesses can benefit from print on blinds instead. Here are some of the cool perks to buying print on blinds for your grocery store.

Add a Touch of Professionalism

The first thing that makes print on blinds such a catch is the ability to add some professionalism to your store’s look. Many small grocery stores are short on space, and you can see that through the window. While it’s hard (and expensive) to change the size of your store, it’s not hard to make it appear neater from the outside. Prevent potential customers from seeing shelving or product stacks right in front of the window by giving them something attractive to look at instead.

Not to mention, any window can benefit from a clean design covering it. While it’s nice to get sunlight inside, there’s little you can gain from the view in. Apart from night time, when the interior lights are still on, no one will be able to see in from the outdoors. In that case, the sentiment that you can only hurt yourself comes true. Keep the dark, uncertain view of the interior from affecting potential customers’ opinion of your store. Instead, offer them something solid in the form of a print design. What can you offer with a print design? Let’s take a look.

Spread Your Brand

The first thing you should consider including on your print on blinds is your brand. If you’re not well known to most locals, presenting a memorable logo and the name of your store is the first step to changing that. If you are well known to the locals, it never hurts to reinforce a positive impression with them. People are far more likely to try out a new grocery store if they have some impression of its brand. Take the first step in providing that impression by displaying that brand in your windows.

Share Great Deals

Aside from your logo, grocery stores benefit from print on blinds by using them to display great deals being offered there. If your store gets a lot of foot traffic because it’s beside a gas station, you may sell a lot of cold drinks. Make a small discount for buying more than one and have an eye-catching design that says as much. Your sales just went up! This strategy can be applied to any kind of product. Find what you sell the most and use people’s interest to your advantage.

Grocery Store Blinds Are Functional

While print on blinds are a fantastic way to add flavor to your exterior grocery store design, we can’t forget their original function. Grocery stores benefit from print on blinds in their base function as well. Block unwanted sunlight from inside the store and allow a gentle glow instead. Use side channels to keep any pesky rays from slipping through near dusk. Plus, blinds improve insulation, which keeps your store temperature more stable in the hot and cold seasons.

When you’re ready to make a small investment in print on blinds, we’re ready and waiting. Call us at Domir Blinds and get more information on our products and how to order.


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