How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

If you don’t tend to keep up on the newest technology, you might not know about motorized blinds. It’s pretty clear from the name that motorized blinds work more automatically than the typical, manual blinds. However, there’s a bit more to them than just knowing they’re run by a motor. How do motorized blinds work? Let’s take a look.

Remote Control

Motorized blinds aren’t just automatic, they’re remote. By using an app on your cell phone or other smart device, you can adjust your blinds from anywhere. You don’t have to be within range of them. You can check whether your blinds got put down from halfway across the globe!

Safety and Security

This might sound unnecessary and excessive, but motorized blinds actually have a lot of great safety and security applications. For example, they keep would-be burglars from seeing the contents of your home or business.

Did you know that most robberies take place in homes where the windows are uncovered most of the time? Burglars stake out houses based on the perceived value of the contents. Therefore, hiding the contents of your home, makes a huge difference. During the daytime, seeing in through your home’s windows is difficult. However, once the sun sets and your interior lights are brighter than the outdoors, burglars can see everything.

If you prefer your flatscreen and console game collection to remain untouched, putting your blinds down when the sun sets each night is vital. What easier way to do that than with motorized blinds?


Because motorized blinds are controlled via app, you can put your blinds up or down from anywhere. Put them down from across the room or from bed at night. If you’re worried you forgot to put them down before leaving on vacation, simply check the app from the car or hotel room.


Convenience isn’t the only important part of being able to control motorized blinds from a distance. This is also massively important to accessibility. Accessibility is what makes it possible for something to be used by or benefit marginalized people, such as those with disabilities.

The disabled community includes people with both physical and mental illnesses. Plus, what benefits the disabled community also benefits the elderly. If you use a mobility aid, sometimes getting support from the mobility aid limits your ability to mess with the cords of your blinds. Being able to put them up or down from a seated position is an incredibly important matter of accessibility. 

If you have a mental illness or disability, it may frequently impact your short term memory. Forget to put the blinds down until twenty minutes after you’ve gotten comfortable in bed? When you suddenly remember, instead of getting back up and walking across the house, simply pull out your phone and put them down at a distance.

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