Easy Methods for Cleaning Blinds

Easy Methods for Cleaning Blinds

Blinds can quickly get dusty or dirty and leave your home looking all the worse for it. However, cleaning them can be really tricky. If you want cleaning blinds to be made easy, you’ve come to the right place! Domir Blinds being the blind professionals of Toronto, we know a thing or two about cleaning blinds. Here are the easiest methods for getting your blinds looking like new.

Sock Dusting

For many of us, metal or plastic slatted blinds are the way to go. These blinds may have been installed already when we moved in. Or, they may have just been the affordable option when we bought them. No matter the case, these blinds are notoriously dusty. Because they’re made up of so many different slats, they can be hard to dust without bending them. Luckily for you, there’s a simple method that almost anyone can do.

Grab yourself a spare sock that can be slipped over one hand. No need to find a loner as it can just be washed when you’re done. Next, pinch each slat between your sock-covered thumb and index finger and slide your sock across the entire slat. This is a very effective way to pick up dust from these somewhat touchy blinds. Plus, it doesn’t require any sprays, disassembly, or complex instructions.

Lint Rolling

For those of us who have fabric blinds, sock dusting isn’t really an option. Fabric blinds became a huge hit in the first decade of the 2000s. They look cozy, they diffuse light, and, well, they also collect a lot of dust. Because these blinds are usually a solid piece of fabric or two, there aren’t any slats to pinch.

Instead, buy yourself a cheap lint roller and run it over the surface of your blinds. When your blinds are completely extended, they should be relatively flat. Even if they still maintain some of their accordion shape, you can go over each row of fabric easily. The sticky lint roller will grab up most of the offending dust pretty effectively. Even if they’re not as clean as new, most of the remaining dust will be too small for the eye to really see.

Tub Soaking

Not all problems are dust related! Slatted kitchen blinds are often splattered with food or grease after years of doing dishes right in front of them. However, trying to lean over the sink to wipe at each individual spot is difficult for most people. Luckily, there’s a fairly easy solution!

  • Start by taking down your dirty blinds and bring them with you to the bathroom.
  • Fill your tub with about 4 inches of hot water.
  • While the tub is filling, add in some grease-cutting soap, like what you use to wash your dishes. Ensure you’ve added enough that the water gets a little sudsy.
  • Then, put your blinds into the tub to soak. Anywhere from 20-60 minutes may be enough to do the trick.
  • Once your blinds have had time to soak, you can use a cloth (or a sock) to go over each slat. Any food splatters or grease should come off easily. You may need to rinse the cloth throughout the cleaning process if there was a lot of grease on your blinds.
  • Last, drain the tub and use the shower head to rinse any remaining soap from the blinds.
  • Let them sit on a towel to drip dry for an hour or so and then hang them back up!


If your blinds are too far gone or you just need an upgrade, we understand completely. Domir Blinds is the #1 blinds manufacturer in Toronto. Come pay us a visit or call us if you have questions about our products or how to order.


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