Cover Hotel Windows with Sheer Vertical Blinds

Cover Hotel Windows with Sheer Vertical Blinds

Want your hotel to look extravagant without spending money on things it doesn’t need? Here’s an update for your hotel that’s cost effective, functional, and improves its overall appearance. It’s time to add sheer vertical blinds to your hotel windows. Why? Let’s take a look.

Beautiful Additions

The first great thing that sheer vertical blinds have to offer is their huge boost in room appearance. A hotel room with sheer vertical blinds is going to look elegant. These long, flowing blinds have a similar appearance to curtains. However, they’re more effective as blinds and their dual layers provide an additional layer of charm.

Effective as Blinds

Sheer vertical blinds, as you might guess, are functional as blinds. That makes them a great investment for a hotel. They don’t just look good, they work well too.

These blinds, being like curtains, can be used to cover standard windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, or even sliding glass doors. That makes them very versatile and allows them to work in just about any kind of hotel room.

Plus, while sheer vertical blinds look similar to curtains, they actually do more. These blinds have two layers of fabric. The first is sheer, allowing filtered sunlight into the room. This sheer layer also allows guests to look outside without others being able to look in. They’ll appreciate the additional privacy.

The second layer is thicker and made to block out more light as well as block the view. This layer is shut for maximum privacy and light blockage. Plus, our sheer vertical blinds can be made with different materials. If you want your hotel rooms to have complete light blockage when the second layer is closed, order them with blackout fabric. The option is always there.


One of the most compelling reasons why you should invest in these functional and beautiful blinds is that they’re affordable. You can make more money with them as well.

The fact is, a hotel room’s appearance is a large part of what determines the price for staying in it. Plus, hotel windows are the first glimpse of a hotel room from the outside. If your hotel rooms use tacky, metal, slatted blinds, you’re not getting as much per room as you could be. Just by adding sheer vertical blinds, you are improving the entire aesthetic of the room. This improvement, depending on how drastic it is, could allow you to add anywhere from $5-$20 to the room’s nightly rental price. This adds up fast!

Shop Domir

While these are all compelling reasons to buy sheer vertical blinds for your hotel windows, you shouldn’t get them from just anywhere. While other companies may provide similar options, Domir is the manufacturer, which makes us the better choice. Why? Because when you buy from the manufacturer, you don’t have to deal with the higher prices from middlemen.

When a department store orders stock, they order it from us and then raise the price to cover labor for their employees. When you order Domir, you get the same products for a lower price. Plus, if you’re buying for a hotel, you can save big when buying from us. That’s because you can save up to 50% off on orders over $500. Give us a call if you have questions or need help placing your order. We look forward to hearing from you!


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