How to Complement Your Window Blinds with Window Box Gardens

Nothing marks the arrival of spring like seeing window box gardens everywhere in full bloom. The beauty of window boxes is that there’s always going to be a little bit of green and colour in your window view even when the weather is overcast or rainy.

Rather than just putting up a haphazard mix of window boxes though, you can design them to complement your window blinds as well! Here’s a starter guide on how to do just that:

Building the window boxes

Use cedar as the box material since it’s both natural and lightweight. Make sure it’s pressure-treated so that it won’t rot from moisture. Drill some drainage holes at the bottom of each box and line the inside with durable landscaping fabric. If the window boxes are tall enough, you can even add a pebble layer at the bottom before putting the landscaping fabric over it.

Next, you’ll want to paint the boxes in a colour that either complements or contrasts with the backing of your window blinds (as opposed to their interior colour). That’s because window boxes themselves are mostly visible from the outside of the house. So choose colours with the goal of maximizing your home’s curb appeal.

Thinking about the plant functions

Before complementing the look of your window blinds, ask yourself what roles you want the plants to play. Do you want them to be low-maintenance? If so, stick with plants that are native to the climate you live in. Do you want them to be edible? If yes, you can have your very own garden of herbs or salad greens right at your window. Of course, if you just want them to look pretty, you also have a wide selection of flower options.

However you want your plants to go, research whether they can thrive in the window box space you have as well as whether they’re good companions for one another.

Choosing by plant colours

After you’ve narrowed down the plants that will fit your needs, it’s time for the final picks based on their colours! This is where you get to use the plant colours to bring out the interior colours of your window blinds. You can either match them to your window blind colour, turn the plants into accents, or use them as complementary palettes to make your window blind colours pop.

Happy spring, folks!


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