Commercial Blinds for All Business Types

Commercial Blinds for All Business Types

Each business has its own needs in terms of design. Just the category a business falls into can greatly impact what type of design will be beneficial. When it comes to interior design, blinds can actually play a major role – especially for businesses. Domir Blinds offers blinds designs for all types of businesses. Let’s take a look at which commercial blinds designs are right for what purpose.

Print On Blinds Boost Marketing

Let’s start with one of our most business-focused blinds designs. Print on blinds are the ideal commercial blinds for any small business with an overt focus on sales. Corner stores, gas stations, and small grocery stores can benefit hugely from print on blinds.

Print on blinds are a standard shade type blind. They’re one solid piece of fabric that rolls up at the top and can be pulled down with a chain. Said chain can be mounted or left to hang loose. In fact, you’ve probably seen these types of shades in your high school classrooms.

What makes print on blinds different is that we can print any design you need onto these shades. For some businesses, these are used to display their logo or business name. A logo placement is perfect for coffee shops, book stores, or other more refined businesses. However, for those looking to make sales, print on blinds are the perfect place to display affiliated brand advertisements, regular deals and sales, or popular product prices. Print on blinds are one of the best marketing tactics you can use as a small corner store. High customer traffic means grabbing attention is vital. What better way to grab someone’s attention than to let them know you hold a beloved product, and at a great price?

Office Blinds That Project a Warm Image

For offices that are looking to project a warm image, you’ll need something different. Small doctor’s offices, apartment leasing offices, and other such spaces can benefit from appearing welcoming. Therefore, the Ninet is the best choice, as it’s one of our most welcoming and professional designs.

The Ninet is a combination of fabric blinds and standard, aluminum slats. Aluminum blinds are boring, cheap, and do a poor job of controlling light. With a layer of fabric on both sides, however, they can be just what an office needs. The Ninet allows sunlight to come in ambiently, even when slats are open. However, when slats are shut, the fabric supports the closed slats, ensuring no light is coming in through the cracks.

This simple and clean cut design is softened with that fabric lining, making your office appear smart, but welcoming.

Clean and Professional Commercial Blinds

Finally, if you have an office or commercial business that needs clean and professional blinds, we recommend Magic Lite. Magic Lite is made of wooden slats. These slats are wide and flat, allowing very effective overlap, fewer gaps for potential light leaks, and a very tidy appearance.

These blinds are easy to clean, resistant to damage in everyday use, and offer very effective light control. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed.

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