Are Horizontal or Vertical Blinds Better for You?


Strictly speaking from a window-covering point of view, both horizontal and vertical blinds will do the job admirably so you can pick one or the other and be done with it. But who are we kidding? It’s in our nature to tweak the environment to our liking. If there’s any way to optimise our surroundings, we’d be there sure as dust on blinds to seize it. So although blinds will cover windows just as well one direction or another, there are functional differences between horizontal and vertical blinds worth considering that will better suit your situation.

Here’s a comparison of them based on their features:

How Do Window Coverings Save Energy?


Saving energy has been a supreme household ideal ever since utility companies starting charging people for electricity. It’s one of those ideals that’ll never fade and may even get revived with new vigour for each new generation. Think back to the time when you were growing up and how your parents would constantly harp on you to turn off the lights or T.V. when you’re not using them. You probably got irritated every time they did that because they’re obviously nagging for no other reason than to be annoying, right? But then you grew up, started dealing with bills, and realised that every electricity use amounts to a higher bill at the end of the month. That’s when you truly understood the wisdom behind your parents’ nagging and why you must start enforcing the same rule with your own kids – perhaps even more fanatically than your parents!

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