Blinds That Compliment A Professional Environment

Blinds That Compliment A Professional EnvironmentFurnishing the interior of your office or other place of business can be quite a task. Should you make it more utilitarian to save money, or more comfortable to boost employee morale? There are a number of decisions you’ll have to make on your company interior. One of those decisions will be about what blinds to cover your windows with.

Domir Blinds, as blinds specialists, would love to help you decide. Therefore, we’ve written a short guide to choosing blinds for a professional environment.


We believe that in a professional environment, functionality is the most important feature for blinds to have. After all, this is where your employees will be getting their work done. If they can’t get their work done because the sun is glaring on their computer screen, you’ve got a problem. The same goes for things like meeting rooms. People can’t see presentations or even each other if there’s light shining in their eyes or on the projected slideshow.

In our opinion, the most functional it gets is motorized, blackout shades fit into side channels. Motorized blinds are something of a frill, but blackout shades and side channels are a must. They’ll keep out light when it’s not wanted. There will be no room at the sides of the window for rays of sunshine to creep in.


When it comes to appearance, there’s a lot to be said. Some people find appearance to be a really important factor in what they buy for their window coverings. Here’s what Domir has to say about it.

While appearance can have a big effect on work productivity, functionality has a bigger one. So what can you do? Blackout shades are monochrome and will match anything. If you determine blackout shades to be the ideal fit, functionality wise, there are ways to make them look better.

Plain, blackout shades keep out the sun, but nothing’s stopping you from adding some nice curtains in front of them. Those would give you the color and flourish you need without compromising on functionality.


So, you’ve decided what you need for that office you have. But what about price? Buying coverings for every window in a building is bound to cost a fortune, right? Wrong! Domir Blinds is a manufacturer, not a middleman. If you buy directly from us, you’ll save up to 50% on orders over $500. That’s an easy number to reach when buying for a whole company building. At least when buying directly, you get more for your money!

The price of your window coverings can be whatever you make of it, as our products all vary in price. If you have a little more in the budget than you need, you could always splurge! We don’t just offer regular blinds, we also offer motorized blinds and the option to get your logo printed on shades. Whatever your company needs, Domir has your back!


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