Are There Blinds for Floor to Ceiling Windows?

Are There Blinds for Floor to Ceiling Windows?

Floor to ceiling windows are one of the most beautiful features you can have in a modern home. However, they do come with some difficulties. Namely, finding something to cover them can be quite hard. So, for all you modern home owners out there who are wondering if there are blinds for floor to ceiling windows, Domir has the answer. 

Sheer Vertical Blinds

If you’ve never heard of sheer vertical blinds, you’re in for a treat. Sheer vertical blinds are the #1 solution for covering floor to ceiling windows. These blinds are designed to look like curtains, but are more advanced than curtains in privacy and lighting control.

Sheer vertical blinds can reach all the way from floor to ceiling, covering your windows entirely and while looking great. Don’t opt for slatted blinds that look low quality and offer poor lighting control. Don’t settle for standard curtains that won’t block out the sun and offer only two options: opened or closed. Check out all the ways sheer vertical blinds are the best blinds for floor to ceiling windows. 

Improved Privacy

As far as blinds for floor to ceiling windows go, sheer vertical are some of the best in how they offer privacy. While traditional curtains reveal your entire interior when opened, sheer vertical blinds do not.

These next-level blinds are made of two layers of fabric. One provides blackout coverage, and one is sheer and provides light filtering and privacy. When the sheer layer is closed, sunlight is able to filter in comfortably, without direct sun getting in your eyes or obscuring the TV screen. You can see through the sheer layer to see outside, while no one can see through it from the other side. This offers a great balance between privacy and not feeling closed off from the world.

Lighting Control

The second main benefit of sheer vertical blinds is their lighting control capabilities. Because they’re made with two layers, you can actually get 3 lighting experiences:

  1. Complete Exposure
    Opening both layers will completely uncover your window, letting in all the sunlight you can  get.
  2. Filtered Exposure
    Closing the sheer layer offers filtered sunlight that won’t hurt your eyes or reflect off of screens. This lighting is great for everyday comfort.
  3. Total Blackout
    If you want to watch a movie during the day or take a nap in the afternoon, you simply have to close the second layer for total blackout. The second layer of these blinds is thick. Sunlight won’t penetrate it even at the height of the day. This offers a level of control that most traditional curtains struggle to provide.

Elegant Appearance

If you enjoy the beauty and elegance of curtains, you’ll adore our sheer vertical blinds. You get all of that beautiful, sweeping fabric that you love, with a little more engineering woven into it. Most modern homes have some kind of traditional blinds, as they’re the only known way to get good lighting control. Sheer vertical blinds have revolutionized the way we see window coverings by bringing together the best of both worlds.

If you’re interested in buying these fabulous blinds for floor to ceiling windows in your home, order today. If you have questions, we’re happy to assist in the process. Just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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