8 Types of Exterior Shutters You Can Combine with Your Window Treatments


Exterior shutters work wonders in tandem with window treatments to bring a certain charm to houses. To make it work, start by getting to know these eight popular types of exterior shutters:



Hinged at the top, Bermuda/Bahama shutters can be pushed out from the bottom and propped up with a rod. The slats, called louvers, are angled so that when the shutter is open, the window will be shaded from the sun while still maintaining privacy from direct line of sight.

The quick open-and-close operation of the shutters is practical for storm protection in tropical climates.


Board and Batten

Board and batten shutters are typically built as a joined row of vertical boards braced with a horizontal board near the top and another one near the bottom. The unassuming plainness of these shutters have a rustic, countryside look that feel right at home with farmhouse styles.



These are solid shutters that feature a cut-out shape. It’s a simple and cute way to showcase your personality. You can cut out shapes that have a personal meaning to you or use a shape that represents the area you live in.



Plantation shutters are like harder, framed versions of roller blinds. The louvers are adjustable at overlapping angles that let in sunlight and fresh air while keeping your privacy intact. These are great in hot areas where you’re always trying to strike the balance between keeping the heat out and catching the occasional breeze.


Raised Panel

Similar to traditional cabinet door styles, the centre panel of these shutters appear to pop out because its edges contour into the outer frame. Raised panel shutters will bring a touch of ornate luxury to your house.



Shaker-style shutters are the inverse of raised panel shutters. Instead of popping out in a fancy contour, the centre panel is just recessed. It’s well suited to the straightforward, no-nonsense Shaker mentality.



Scandinavian shutters are best described as highly embellished board and batten shutters. Swirls of intricately carved motifs and shapes cover the shutters. As a finishing touch, they are painted with vibrant colours to make them stand out even more.



Love two different shutter styles and can’t decide which to go with? Why not combine them together? Typically, the combinations are done with one style on top and a different one on the bottom. Play around with which combinations complement the exterior of your house the best.


With the right exterior shutters and window treatments, you can dramatically maximize the curb appeal of your home.


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