Why Every Hotel Should Consider Sheer Vertical Blinds

Why Every Hotel Should Consider Sheer Vertical BlindsIf you’re starting up a hotel or have been running one that needs some updates, Domir is here with a suggestion. You should consider putting sheer vertical blinds in your hotel rooms. What do sheer vertical blinds have to offer that other blinds don’t? Let’s take a look further into why these are such a great choice for hotel rooms.

Balcony Doors

One of the main reasons why sheer vertical blinds are so good for hotel rooms is because they cover balcony doors. A huge number of hotels have a balcony for each room. These balconies are almost always access via sliding, glass doors. Because sliding glass doors are also, functionally, windows, they need to be covered to give guests privacy.

The issue is, there aren’t many ways to cover balcony doors that looks good. Standard blinds tend to do a bang-up job of covering all the glass and don’t look good on glass doors. Sheer vertical blinds allow as much light in as guests desire while maintaining the room’s privacy.

Large Windows

Many hotel rooms also have large windows. If these windows share a wall with your glass doors, you can kill two birds with one stone by putting blinds across the whole wall. Sheer vertical blinds will cover all of the the windows and doors on a wall at once while still looking chic and open.

Putting curtains across an entire wall can really close a room off and make it feel dark. Sheer vertical blinds will cover glass and give privacy while still allowing in enough light. Keep your hotel rooms looking bright and open with sheer vertical blinds.


Motels can also benefit from sheer vertical blinds. Hotels tend more toward balconies while Motels tend to have large windows beside the room door. Don’t worry, vertical blinds are perfect for this too. You can get floor-length or custom length sheer vertical blinds to cover your rooms’ front windows.

Because the windows in a motel are facing the same direction as the front door, privacy is even more important than in a hotel. Hotel windows are usually on the wall across from the entry, as the entry is indoors. Because motels are entered from the outside, anyone walking by could sneak a peak in an uncovered window. Providing vertical blinds for coverage allows motel guests to keep their room completely hidden while still allowing light in.

Great Deals

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