Versatile Blinds for Any Room in the House

Versatile Blinds for Any Room in the House

While specialized blinds are great for some people, a lot of us are just looking for something versatile that we can use in all rooms of the house. Not to worry! Domir Blinds has a number of blinds for any room. No matter what your interior design style looks like, we’re sure to have something that suits your needs.

Soft and Warm

For many, a blinds design that gives off a soft appearance is the ideal choice. For that, we suggest The Ninet. This design is perfect if you aim for a warm interior. The warm, tan color fits nicely with reds, browns, and other warm tones. These look great in any room of the house, giving you the opportunity for consistent design throughout.

These blinds are also great for light control. They’re made to be like standard, slatted blinds, lined on either side with sheer fabric. This allows you to go from full coverage to a sheer exposure. Filtered light allows your home to maintain its warmth and glow while blocking out UV and continuing to give you privacy. However, if you would rather keep the sun out, the complete closure option is great for that.

Sleek and Effective

If your goal is more sleek than cozy, Magic Lite might be a better choice for you. While The Ninet has a soft and warm appearance, the stark white and clean lines of Magic Lite does not.

These blinds look great in a home with a lot of neutral tones and cold colors. Placing them in windows surrounded by dark or bold paint colors will also provide an incredible contrast. Minimalist and contemporary homes alike will look great with this addition to their windows.

Not only is Magic Lite a great choice by appearance, it’s also a great choice by function. These blinds are made for maximum efficiency in lighting control. Choose to let in all the sunlight available to you or choose to block it out entirely. The slats of the Magic Lite can do it all.

Long, Tall, and Clean

These two blinds choices are great for standard windows, but what about tall windows or sliding, glass doors? Well, the Magic Lite can be used on tall windows, but wide ones are another story. For instances where you’re not interested in lining up multiple sets of blinds to increase coverage, the sheer vertical blinds are best.

Sheer vertical blinds provide incredible coverage while looking soft and clean. Their dual-layer build allows for multiple kinds of light exposure. The first layer is a layer of sheer fabric to allow in filtered sunlight and still maintain privacy. If you’re looking to darken your interior, pull closed the second layer. This layer is a thicker fabric and will effectively block out the sun. Feeling like getting a nice view of the outdoors and let in all the sun you can get? Just open them entirely and bask.

If you need versatile blinds for any room in your home, you can get what you need from Domir. Give us a call at Domir Blinds and we’ll help you with any questions you might have. We can also help you start your order.


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