Minimalist Blinds You Can Get From Domir

Minimalist Blinds You Can Get From Domir

Owning a minimalist home can be hard when it comes to adding new features or replacing old ones. Trying to find something that’s just the right amount of minimalist can be quite hard when the average design taste has more detail. Regular slatted blinds can technically fit, but why use those when you could choose something that fits the style even more? Domir Blinds in Toronto has a great selection of minimalist blinds. Read on to see which of our products are the best choice for you!

Roller Screens

First up, we have roller screens. These screens are plain, fabric sheets that roll up at the top. They’re much like the kind of blinds you might have had in a high school classroom. They’re very utilitarian, but serve their purpose and look very minimalist while doing it. The perk of roller screens is that they let in sunlight while filtering out UV and providing privacy. If you like your home to get lots of sunshine during the day, these are a great choice for you.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are very similar to roller screens in their function. The difference is, these are not made for letting in light. Roller shades are meant for blocking out light. These will appear plain and white on the inside, making a great backdrop for any decor you might have in the windowsill, including plants. Just make sure to open them up here and there to let your plants have some sun.

These are a great choice if you sleep late in the morning or during the day. They block out unwanted sunlight while allowing you to open up should you decide to.

Magic Lite

Of our original designs, Magic Lite is the best for minimalist homes. This blinds design takes the concept of slats and turns it into something artistic. The flat slats overlap each other when you’re looking for some darkness. However, they can be controlled with a degree of precision that standard blinds cannot. This allows you to determine the exact amount of light coming in through your blinds. If you want full exposure, you’ve got it! If you want blackout levels of darkness, you can have that as well.

Along with their precision light control, the design is made to be flat and low in dimension, making it a great choice for a minimalist interior. Its boxy look fits in with other straight edges and sleek interior elements.

Sheer Vertical

Last, but not least, our sheer vertical blinds are a whimsical choice for a minimalist interior. These blinds take on the form of double-layered curtains. The first layer is sheer, allowing in light the same way roller screens do. The second layer is thicker and blocks out light. While these blinds can come in multiple colors, the standard is white.

The soft white and whimsical flow of these blinds makes them great for minimalist interiors that aim for a more soft appearance, rather than a sleek one. They’re also ideal for covering sliding glass doors or larger windows.

If you’re in the market for minimalist blinds, Domir Blinds in Toronto is the #1 place to find them. Give us a call if you have questions or need help ordering.


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