Inventive Window Decor Ideas that Go Beyond Curtains and Blinds

Is your home looking lackluster? Now is the perfect time for a seasonal refresh and style upgrade. With some stunning interior design ideas and luxurious new window treatments, you can give your space the makeover it deserves. Read on for ways to inject glamour and contemporary flair with impactful but achievable changes, innovative window decor, and more. 

Upgrade with Window Treatments 

Your windows deserve a luxe treatment that transforms the room. Choose subtly shimmery silk taffeta drapes in rich hues that puddle at the floor for an elegant window decor and more. Install sleek wood blinds and pair them with floor-length velvet curtains for a contemporary feel—top treatments with handcrafted wood or metallic burnished rods and finials. 

Play with Color and Pattern 

Color and print upgrades make a significant visual impact with minimal effort. Bold, saturated gem tones feel rich and enveloping, perfect for creating a cozy winter oasis. Combining complementary colors like navy and peach prevents the space from feeling overwhelming. For pattern, think classic motifs like ikat or chinoiserie in lush fabrics like velvet or silk.

17 Inventive Ideas to Inspire You

Here are some inventive window decor ideas besides curtains and blinds to inspire you!

1. Apply frosted, tinted or patterned window films for privacy and light filtering

2. Display artwork or photos between window panes  

3. Hang fairy lights or twinkle lights around the window for a cozy glow

4. Use removable vinyl decals or stickers to decorate the glass

5. Install stained glass window clings for colorful light effects

6. Draw on the glass with window crayons, chalk or liquid chalk pens

7. Hang sheer fabrics using command hooks for a soft look 

8. Display houseplants on the windowsill to bring in nature

9. Use the windowsill as a display shelf for art, candles or decor

10. Affix window quilts, embroidery or weavings for homemade charm

11. Install a window box outside filled with flowers or greenery

12. Use painter’s tape to create geometric window designs

13. Hang a beaded curtain or strings of beads for texture

14. Fill the window with your favorite photos or art prints  

15. Use patterned contact paper to cover the window pane

16. Display seasonal/holiday cutouts or silhouettes in the window

17. Hang small wreaths, flowers or greenery on the window

Get creative and have fun decorating your windows to match your style! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and make the view through your windows distinctly you. The right window treatment can bring life and character to any room.

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