How Honeycomb Blinds Help Insulate Your Home

How Honeycomb Blinds Help Insulate Your Home

Home insulation is one of the least considered aspects of interior decoration, but an important one. Did you know your blinds play a huge part in your home insulation? If your home has poor insulation, Domir Blinds recommends you consider honeycomb blinds. Honeycomb blinds help insulate your home, saving you money and improving comfort.

How Do Blinds Insulate?

The short story is, temperature travels through objects the same way it travels through air. The thinner a barrier, the less it prevents that. What that means is, your windows are a weak point in your home’s insulation. While your walls do a great job of blocking out the cold or heat from outdoors, your windows struggle. Therefore, adding blinds or curtains over your window improve your home’s insulation. Any unwanted temperature that gets past the window will then have to battle with your window coverings.

The Benefits of Improved Insulation

When you insulate your home by covering your windows, there are a lot of benefits. The most important of those benefits, to many people, is the lower cost of heating or cooling your home. If it’s summer, the less hot air coming in from outside means the less you run your AC. If it’s winter, the less warm air is escaping your home means the less you run your heater. That means saving money in the long run.

However, we can’t ignore comfort as well. While saving money is important to many people, there’s another element to insulation. The less fluctuation there is in your home temperature, the more comfortable you are. Don’t you hate it when the peak of summer or winter comes around and you’re constantly going back and forth between too hot and too cold? Your AC or heater struggles to keep up, so the outdoor temperature will sneak its way in and then the AC or heater will overcompensate for it. With better insulation, your home temperature can stay more consistent, meaning you stay more comfortable.

Are Honeycomb Blinds Unique?

Honeycomb blinds are great insulators for one main reason: they’re made with multiple layers of fabric and fit the frame of your window. That means unwanted cold or heat can’t sneak around the sides of your honeycomb blinds. It will have to get through the blinds if it wants to affect your home’s temperature. The more layers a set of blinds has, the more difficult it is for that temperature to get past.

In that regard, honeycomb blinds are not unique. There are many kinds of blinds with multiple layers that make great insulators. Honeycomb blinds are simply one of the most popular.

Other Insulating Blinds

If you’re interested in insulating blinds with multiple layers, you should also consider the Ninet. Domir Blinds’ Ninet design is similar in concept to honeycomb blinds. What sets them apart is the addition of slatted blinds between the layers of fabric. That makes the light control capabilities of the Ninet superior to honeycomb blinds, which function more like curtains in that they can be opened or closed.

Order Before Winter

Save money on heating this winter and insulate your home by ordering your insulating honeycomb blinds or Ninet now. Give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have questions about our blinds or how to order. We look forward to hearing from you.

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