Control Skylights with Specialty Skylight Blinds

Control Skylights with Specialty Skylight BlindsIf you have a skylight in your home, you know it can be kind of hard to control the light that comes in. Direct sunlight can be nice, but when you’re trying to watch TV in the living room, it’s quite the problem. Fortunately, you can take control of your skylight with skylight blinds. Domir is here to let you in on how they work and how they can improve your skylight experience. Let’s get started!

Control Direct Sunlight

Not all of us were the ones who chose to have a skylight installed. Sometimes a home already has one when you move in and it’s not something you’re concerned about. However, skylight can quickly go from unnoticed to nuisance. Direct sunlight coming in through a skylight can get in the way of all kinds of things. Therefore, Domir blinds suggests taking things into your own hands by installing skylight blinds.

Skylight blinds help you avoid direct sunlight issues by blacking out the window or filtering sunlight. If you choose blackout blinds, you can make your skylight completely obsolete if that’s what you wish. Window screens will let in light from outside while keeping out the direct sunlight. This is a fantastic choice when you enjoy the extra light but not the disruptive direct rays.

Angled Windows

When a skylight is angled, or even horizontal, you might be unsure how blinds will stay in place. Well, angling blinds is actually easier than ever with side channels. Side channels are attached to the sides of window frames and used as tracks for blinds. These will hold screens and shades in place no matter what angle they’re at. Therefore, even skylights at the same angle as the ceiling can be improved with blinds.

Out of Reach

The unfortunate thing about skylights is that they’re often out of reach, up on the ceiling. How will you be able to easily control light coming in through windows out of reach? Easy: motorizing your out-of-reach blinds makes opening and closing them easier than ever. With the touch of a button, you can block out the noon-time sun and then invite overhead lighting back in when the sun is lower in the sky. You can avoid the direct sunlight that might interfere with laptop or TV screens while still keeping your home well-lit the rest of the day.

Blinds Options

How many options are there for skylight blinds?

  • Blackout blinds will keep any sunlight from coming through your skylight when you decide to close them.
  • Window screens will filter out direct sunlight while still allowing your skylight to brighten up the room.
  • Motorizing either of these makes them easy to open and close, using your phone as a remote control.

Give us a call at Domir Blinds to order your skylight blinds. If you have any questions, our experienced staff will be happy to help.


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