Colorful Blinds for Your Unique Home or Office

Colorful Blinds for Your Unique Home or Office

When you choose what blinds you want for your home or office, you might notice they’re always advertised in white. However, if you’re a colorful person, you know that not everyone wants their blinds to be white. Not to worry; Domir Blinds in Toronto offers plenty of colorful blinds choices to keep your windows bright. Don’t settle for bland shades. Pick a color that brings you joy. Here are some fantastic blinds choices for a unique home or office.

Soft and Fashionable

If you want your interior to have a feminine or gentle appearance, the Ninet might be right for you. This design’s classic, warm tan color is great for home interiors. Slap a little color on that and it becomes about as fashionable as blinds can get.

The Ninet can handle a variety of colors, but some of the colors we at Domir think would go best with it are:

  • Navy blue. The rich, dark color of navy blue would go beautifully with the Ninet. Navy blue is a very fashionable color. It’s dark enough that it can be paired with almost any color and combines a classically cold color with a more warm tone.
  • Deep red. The Ninet is a fairly gentle-looking design. Pairing it with bold colors is an interesting way of giving it some more strength without making it look sharp.
  • Burnt orange. The Ninet is already suited for warm tones. Why not kick it up a notch by ordering it in a burnt orange color. This would make it more of a centerpiece in your interior’s color scheme. It will give more warmth to the room and sunlight coming through will cast orangey light into the room.

Sleek and Classy

The Magic Lite is a fantastic blinds choice for offices and bedrooms especially. This design is sleek, but still feels really timeless. While many sleek designs of the present age can stand out too much against things that aren’t in the same vein of style, Magic Lite is different. This design can be paired with a modern interior or even something more aged. It all depends on the color.

  • Black would make these blinds look truly sleek, fitting in with a shiny, black flatscreen and a black, metallic kitchen. The darkness of black will make these blinds a centerpiece.
  • White goes well with many kinds of interiors, but here’s our favorite combination. If you have boldly colored walls with white trim, white Magic Lite blinds would go perfectly. The white will simply blend in with your baseboards and windowsills, contrasting the bright colors.
  • Grey Magic Lite blinds are a very artistic approach. Unlike black and white – the extremes in shade – grey is a middle ground and doesn’t pair well with a lot of colors. Combining grey blinds with bold purples or blues is a great way to go. If you want to make a statement, this is a great way to do so.

If you’re looking for colorful blinds, Domir has what you’re looking for. Give us a call and we can help you set up your order. Plus, right now, we’re delivering straight to your door to practice safety in social distancing.


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