Blinds That Cover Windows but Let in Light

Blinds That Cover Windows but Let in LightThere are plenty of great reasons to want blinds over your windows. There’s the potential for sun damage to furniture as well as the privacy. Maybe you’re being conscious of UV or want to keep excess heat out. However, not everyone who has blinds is looking for something that darkens the room. Blackout shades have their place, but if you don’t plan to pull the blinds up every morning, you may still want some light coming through.

What can you do when looking for blinds that will allow some sunshine into your room without the harmful, direct rays? Domir is here to show you some options that are right for you!

Roller Screens

The first option we have to show you is our roller screens. These screens are made specifically to let in light while blocking out heat. They also protect you and your interior from harmful UV. These screens can be put in by themselves or paired with side channels. Side channels will keep out errant rays of direct sunlight as well as insulate and hold your screen in place.

With these roller screens installed, your home will remain bright at all times during the day! However, you’ll also be able to avoid all the downsides of direct sunlight. Pair them with curtains if you’d like to block out light, but don’t worry about privacy! These screens are one-way, allowing you to see outside without anyone else seeing you.

Magic Lite

If a screen isn’t really your style or if you’d like more control over the amount of light let in, you may be interested in Magic Lite! Magic Lite is a hybrid between shutters and blinds. You have full control over how far apart the slats are. That makes for a completely customized experience, different every day if you need it to be.

Magic Lite is capable of letting in as much light as an uncovered window or functioning as a blackout shade. This is ideal for somewhere like a living room. You can let in light when sitting on the couch to read or black it out during a movie. The flexibility is truly freeing!


The Ninet is one of our proudest designs. It combines the convenience of both slatted blinds and roller screens. The vanes of the Ninet are housed between two sheer screens. This allows you to adjust the vanes and get a completely customized light level while maintaining complete privacy.

The Ninet looks incredibly sleek, while remaining cozy. This design would blend in well in any setting, professional or personal. Not only does it do great at controlling light levels, the layers diffuse outside heat, keeping the internal temperature from fluctuating all day. Your air conditioner and your wallet will thank you!


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