4 Cozy Window Covering Options for Your Bedroom


Coziness is really just another way of saying get the conditions right for you to feel safe and sound enough to fall asleep. There are many ways you can improve your sleep habits. At the end of the day though, a cozy bedroom is what pulls you to snuggle under the covers for a good night’s sleep.


Window coverings play a crucial role in making the bedroom cozy. While some gravitate towards curtains, you may want to try something different with these 4 other cozy options:


Blackout Blinds

For a lot of people, the non-negotiable sleeping condition is shutting out as much light as possible that distracts them from their beauty sleep.

This is something that blackout blinds excel at. They’re the ideal window treatments if you’re someone who likes to sleep in total darkness with zero light pollution in the room. And for good measure, install side channels as well to eliminate light leakage around the edges!



Coziness can also be achieved through look and feel. Take a look at the Magic-Lite blinds, for example. They’re inspired by the look of shutters that brings with them that rustic, farmhouse appeal. What’s cozier than feeling like you’ve stepped away from the busy city life into a calm and pastoral setting?



When you think cozy, softness immediately comes to mind and Ninet shades are softness personified. The shades are completely wrapped between two smooth, translucent fabrics that diffuses all light that passes through into a soft glow. Imagine walking into the bedroom to be greeted by the ethereal sight of the Ninet shades painting the walls with moonlight. That’s a dreamlike scene that’ll beckon you to the world of sleep.


Print-On Blinds

Another nice way to get you into a sleepy mood is using print-on blinds. With the ability to print whatever you want on these blinds, you can customize the last thing you see before you drift off to sleep. Your dreams can be inspired by the play of light from Impressionist paintings like Monet or bizarre juxtapositions from Surrealist paintings like Dali.


Rest well and sweet dreams, everyone.


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