15 Decorations to Spruce Up Your Windows for the Holidays

‘Tis the season where the whole neighbourhood decks out their houses for the holidays – especially the windows! As you design your window display, think about how far your house is away from the sidewalk. The closer you are to the sidewalk, the smaller and more detailed your window decorations can be. Don’t forget that window displays are also meant to bring good cheer on the inside! So if your house is too far away from the sidewalk for window displays to stand out, design it to be seen indoors.

Here are some inspirations to decorate your windows this season. Feel free to mix-and-match different combinations of these ideas:

Holiday-themed valance

Your custom-styled valance is good place to start decorating for the holidays. If you have something simple like a scarf valance, all you have to do is swap out the fabric for a holiday-themed one. For other fabric valances, you can pin on some festive bows, mistletoe or bells.

Icicle effect

Want to go for minimalism? Try hanging white string lights of different lengths across your valance for an icicle effect. Dangle glitter-painted paper snowflakes between the string lights to enhance the effect.

Santa suit essentials

You can easily create a skirting for your valance by attaching a row of upside-down Santa hats. For a bigger challenge, knit miniature clothing from Santa’s suit like the suit jacket, snow pants, mittens, wool socks, scarf, and even a pair of long johns. Clamp them to a string with clothespins and droop them below the valance like they’re Santa’s shrunken laundry hanging out to dry.

All the colours

Frame the window with multi-coloured string lights. Complement them by suspending colourful baubles from the valance. That way, your window will stand out as a kaleidoscope of all the colours you can think of.

Glowing wreath

Make a majestic wreath the centre of attention at your window. Weave string lights around the wreath and top it off with a shiny bow.

Tiny Christmas tree

The size of the tree depends on whether you have a window sill or window seat space to play with. Either way, it’s a nice touch to put up a tiny Christmas tree complete with lights and even mini-sized ornaments.

Evergreen ode

Glue together pine cones, spruce branches, and fir twigs into a few circular shapes. Place the circles around electric candles – safety first! – on the window sill for an evergreen ode to the season.

North Pole workshop

Create a scene from Santa’s workshop with elf figurines bustling around to make toys on the window seat. Have fun with this idea by adding some mischievous elves pulling shenanigans around the workshop!

Winter wonderland

With powdered Tempera paints, draw a snowy landscape directly on the window glass. You can even put in your favourite holiday characters celebrating in the snow.

Catching the light

Light a cluster of candles on the window sill and arrange crystal or glass holiday figurines around them to refract the candlelight. To further catch the warm flickering light, hang metallic or shiny ornaments from the valance.

House of gingerbread

Build a gingerbread house on the window seat, complete with holiday decorations. Bonus points if you can make it a mini replica of your actual house!

Holiday decal-rations

Slap on some holiday window film decals and call it a day! They’re fun, colourful, and the best part is that they’re easily stored to be re-used next year.

Stained glass themes

Artwork made of stained glass are so striking when sunlight streams through them. Hang one up that’s holiday or winter-themed. 2D art in a picture frame is beautiful as are 3D stained-glass sculptures.

Window advent calendar

This is a creative take on a classic holiday idea! Put up a homemade advent calendar using rows of tiny numbered stockings with little treats in each one.

Putting leftovers to good use

With new ornaments every year, there comes a time when there are just too many for the Christmas tree. One way to avoid agonizing over which ones to put back in the box is to string up the extras and suspend them across the window.

Happy holidays from Domir Blinds to you and your loved ones!


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