Top Smart Features of Motorized Blinds for Tech Lovers


Motorized blinds are amazing in how they’ve transformed home and office life. Like most technology though, it’s usually the early adopters who kick-start the trend to mainstream use. So for all the tech lovers out there, here are the top smart features that will get you excited:


Flexible power

It’s totally up to you whether you want to install dedicated wiring for your motorized blinds. The point is that your motorized blinds will still function either way because they can also run on batteries. The way they’re powered can conform to the way you have your house set up.


Remote control

There are no manual cords to yank on. In fact, you may never even have to touch motorized blinds again after installation except when cleaning. You can control the opening and closing of the blinds remotely with a press of a button either from across the room or outside it entirely.


App connectivity

If you like the idea of remote control, imagine being able to do so when you’re not even at home. With the help of Wi-Fi and an app, you can tweak the motorized blind settings right from your smartphone. Gone are the days when you worry whether you’ve closed or opened the blinds – get peace of mind immediately on your phone!


Operating schedules

What’s great about operating your motorized blinds via an app are the endless possibilities you can customize how you want them. Like their operating schedules, for instance. You can set specific times for the blinds to operate and then let the automation do its job while you go about your day.


Smart sensors

With smart sensors, you can take optimization a step further – especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Whether you connect your motorized blinds to temperature or solar smart sensors, they can react to the current environment around your house. The blinds can operate depending on how high the sun is in the sky. Or they can coordinate with your home automation system to maintain your personalized climate controls.


Precise positions

Not only can you specify when they open and close, but you can also fine-tune how far they go. So just play around with the positions of the motorized blinds and then lock down your preferences in the settings.


Burglary deterrence

Because you’re able to control your motorized blinds through an app, you now have another extra layer of security around your home when you’re away on vacation. By getting all your blinds to change their positions every day, burglars will think twice about giving your house a go when it seems like there’s someone home.


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