The Right Choice for Kitchen Blinds

The Right Choice for Kitchen Blinds

When choosing the right blinds for your kitchen, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. It isn’t just appearance, it’s also functionality. There’s lighting, ease of cleaning, opening and closing, and so much more. That’s why Domir Blinds has put together a guide on the best kitchen blinds for you and your home.


The first thing to take into account when choosing kitchen blinds is the kind of lighting you’re looking for. Are you looking for just a little sunlight, or do you want as much light as possible? For some people, having no sunlight may actually be preferable. This is especially true if you get a lot of blinding, direct sunlight right around the time you’re doing dishes. Because everyone has different lighting needs, there are different optimal choices. 

For complete darkness, blackout shades are the best choice. They keep out light completely, making direct sunlight no problem at all. You can even improve their light-blocking capabilities by implementing side channels.

If you want a little sunlight, you may want something like the Ninet. The Ninet offers the ability to control how much light comes in through its slats while also having a sheer layer on it for screening.


After lighting comes functionality. Do you want to be able to leave your blinds closed all the time or would you rather have something you can open and close as needed?

To keep out light at all times, leaving up a blackout shade is the perfect solution. Allowing a little sunlight throughout the day is best done with the Ninet. Leaving it with the slats slightly open will let in just a little sunlight as long as you like.

However, if you want something that’s got maximum light control and that thrives when being changed often, Magic Lite might be the blinds for you. This type of blinds allows you to adjust how much light you want from complete exposure to complete blackout. These are great for those of us who need sunlight to prepare breakfast by but want to block out the harsh rays of the setting sun.


The last thing you should consider is cleanliness. If you’re the kind of person who wants their blinds looking good as new, you’ll want something easy to clean. Plus, some of us do a lot more home cooking than others and may end up with bits of food splattered on the blinds from washing up or prepping dinner.

In the end, the best blinds for easy cleaning are the shades and the Magic Lite. Blackout shades and roller screens are a flat surface, making them easy to wipe down with a cloth. Magic Lite is made of sturdy slats, making it both adjustable and easy to wipe down.

If you don’t need to clean your blinds very often, the Ninet is still a good choice for you. However, if you do, steer clear of the sheer fabric lining these blinds. The Ninet is beautiful, but not the easiest to clean.

No mater what your choice, get it from straight from the manufacturer and cut out third party costs when buying Domir. Give us a call if you have any questions about our products or how to make an order and we’ll be happy to help.


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