The Professional Touch of Window Shades

The Professional Touch of Window ShadesDecorating an office space or business to be appealing to customers while still remaining professional and functional can be tricky. There are a number of things to consider about a professional interior from flooring to paint. Domir Blinds is here to make the decision about window coverings a little easier!

Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most popular choices for a professional environment – and for good reason. Roller shades do a great job of blocking out the light that would otherwise make computer screens hard to see. They also don’t collect dust the same way regular blinds do. Regular blinds are hard to keep from getting dusty. In a place of work, who does it fall to to keep the blinds clean? If you’re having a hard time figuring that out, that might be why so many businesses have dusty blinds! Roller shades will make this a moot concern.

Blackout Shades

Roller blackout shades are the more effective cousin of roller shades! They function in exactly the same way but block out even more light, like you never had a window to begin with. These are ideal for presentation rooms and meeting rooms where projectors will be put to use. They’re also great for computer lab-type rooms where sunlight is almost always an inconvenience.

Side Channels

Both of these shade types, and especially the blackout ones, benefit greatly from side channels. Side channels are little tracks installed on either side of a shade. These are invaluable for when you want complete darkness. A shade isn’t always the perfect size for a window and there will be a sliver of light on either side of it. Light leaking through can be enough to make a computer unusable.

If the sun is rising or setting on the same side of the building as your window, that little ray of light could land right on your screen. And we all know how bright and eye-searing morning and sunset light can be. Avoid this scenario entirely with side channels. They’ll completely cover any cracks between the wall and roller shades you’ve installed. No more errant rays of light will ruin your presentation or work efficiency!

Side channels have another perk as well! If your windows are able to open or if you frequently have fans running, they hold shades in place. Wind from outside or from a fan won’t leave your shades moving around and causing distractions. Not to mention, side channels give shades a clean and finished look that you just can’t beat.

Print On Blinds

Regular shades are great for efficiency, but what about the front office where there are less computers and more customer service? Domir Blinds offers a fantastic solution for these areas! Print on blinds are a screen-type window covering where you can print on designs or logos. Create a desired atmosphere by adding a design to your blinds or advertise to passersby with your logo in the window.

All of these options are great for a professional look. Contact us to order. Remember, we’re the manufacturer. Save up to 50% when ordering straight from Domir!


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