Print On Blinds and Their Effect on Small Businesses

Print On Blinds and Their Effect on Small Businesses

Small businesses are a cornerstone of our economy. However, even so, they struggle to compete against large chains. When someone needs to buy something, there is almost always a big brand name that pops into their head right away. Because of that, small businesses may struggle to succeed. In order to beat out the big brands they’re competing with, small businesses need to become well known. Fortunately, there’s a great way to get the attention of locals, and it all starts with Domir’s print on blinds.

What Are Print On Blinds?

Like your business, Domir Blinds is local to Toronto. We rely on locals to spread a good word for us so that we can compete with big name hardware stores. What sets us apart from hardware stores is that blinds are our specialty. We’re a manufacturer of blinds, which means we know our stuff, and we charge less than third party stores.

One of our most successful blind designs is our print on blinds. What are print on blinds? They’re the same type of blind as roller shades, but have a custom design printed onto them. This makes it possible to order custom blinds with your logo, brand imaging, store name, or sales deals printed on to them.

Print On Blinds and Their Effect on Small Businesses

While many people have seen print on blinds without really thinking about them, we can’t ignore print on blinds and their effect on small businesses. The effect goes unnoticed to the average passerby, but is huge to the owner of said business.

When you rely on print on blinds, you get a number of positive outcomes. For example, if you choose to print your store name and logo on your print on blinds, both become recognizable to locals. A small business can be easy to pass by and go unnoticed for years without any noticeable branding on the front of it. When people see your logo and store name in color across your front window, they’ll remember it. Your business will suddenly stand out and become memorable. 

Print on blinds aren’t just good for displaying your logo; they’re also great for displaying advertisements. Use some of your customers’ favorite items to draw more people to your store. For example, if you own a convenience store by a gas station, having print on blinds that advertise that your store sells energy drinks will bring more people inside from the pumps. Truckers and early risers on their way to work will be quick to head in and grab an advertised coffee – especially if the price is low and displayed alongside the imagery.

Investing in Your Business

Print on blinds and their effect on small businesses are undeniably a great investment. They’re affordable, effective, and also functional. Give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have questions or would like to make an order. We look forward to helping your business grow to its fullest potential.

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