Precision Light Control with Magic Lite Blinds

Precision Light Control with Magic Lite BlindsAn age-old struggle with blinds is the inability to control exactly how much light is coming in. Magic Lite blinds are all the convenience and simplicity of regular blinds without the struggle. You can control exactly how much light you want coming in. Let’s take a look at what makes Magic Lite so uniquely convenient.

Simple Controls

Magic Lite is easy to control. You don’t need any complicated mechanisms to get the light you want. Just use simple cords, like normal blinds but with all the control you could ask for. You can even motorize your Magic Lite blinds to get the simplest control yet.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are easy and convenient. For some, they’re even necessary. Everyone can benefit from motorized blinds. Disabled, elderly, or even just really busy people can make light control easy with this one simple addition.

When you motorize your blinds, you make it possible to control them entirely from your smart phone or tablet. That means full light control without leaving your seat. This can be especially useful for new parents or those who work from home. You can adjust how dark the room is without interrupting your sleeping baby or pulling yourself away from work.

Light Control

Magic Lite isn’t like regular blinds. While classic blinds let in light no matter if they’re closed, Magic Lite is different. With these fantastic blinds, you can go from full exposure to blackout coverage with the pull of a cord. This makes Magic Lite the best window coverage option for any room in the house.

Computer rooms notoriously have problems with lighting due to reflection on computer screens. Bedroom windows sometimes let in light a little too early. They can be especially problematic if you work night shift and have to sleep during the day. The nursery being flooded with light can make it difficult for baby to fall asleep. No matter what room you think of, it will be more functional with the lighting control of Magic Lite.

Business Advantages

These blinds are especially great for businesses. Because of its sleek and attractive appearance, Magic Lite will make any professional window look its best. The lighting control is great too. No more glaring sunlight on laptop screens. No more sun rays leaking in through the window of a presentation room. Alternatively, make sure your staff room gets as much light as it needs. No matter how much coverage or exposure you need, Magic Lite will give you everything you need in an attractive, contemporary package.

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