Managing Your Office Interior with Motorized Blinds

The Accessibility and Convenience of Motorized Blinds

Running an office can be a lot on your plate. From managing staff to ensuring the cleanliness of the space, there’s a lot to remember. Just one of many things to do when managing your office is closing and opening time. Fortunately, closing and opening is made one step easier when implementing motorized blinds. Why do blinds matter? Domir Blinds of Toronto is here to tell you why.

Blinds are Security

While blinds have a lot of function in light control and the like, they also have a frequently overlooked benefit. Blinds function as a cheap method of security. While they won’t prevent brute force from breaking a window, they can deter a break-in altogether. That’s because people don’t tend to break into a space if they can’t see inside. There are too many risk factors. For one thing, there could be an employee still inside the building. There’s no faster way to end up arrested than breaking into an occupied space.

Because blinds are great after-hours security (in combination with leaving the light on), they should be closed each night. However, sitting with the blinds closed all day isn’t exactly nice. Instead of wasting your time and energy making the rounds every single morning and night to open and close the office blinds, motorize them! Managing your office just got a whole lot easier. Each night when you close and each morning when you open, you can adjust the blinds with just the tap of a smartphone screen. 

Out of Reach

Security measures aren’t the only thing that can benefit from motorized blinds. There are also, frequently, windows that are out of reach in an office space. While home blinds are usually easy to reach for opening and closing, an office space is often much larger. A higher ceiling can mean windows above windows. These higher windows and their blinds can only be reached manually by using a ladder. The same thing goes for skylights.

High windows and skylights may not need to be closed for security. However, if they’re casting unwanted sunlight onto computer screens, they’re going to be a huge problem. Offices, no matter the type, usually mean some number of computers. If your employees are fighting just to see their screen past the midday sunshine, they’re not going to be very productive. With motorized blinds, you can easily adjust out of reach window blinds with the tap of a button. This ease of access can make adjusting the blinds even multiple times per shift an easy task.

Shop Domir

Regardless of why you want to motorize your office blinds, Domir Blinds is here for you. The best part about ordering from us? We’re a manufacturer – not a distributor. Instead of paying higher prices so a distributor can make a profit, order from us and you’ll save big. Plus, for orders over $500, you can save up to 50%. For a large office space, that’s a fantastic deal! Give us a call if you have questions about our products or how to make your order. We look forward to hearing from you,


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