Why Custom Roller Blinds Will Always Be the Top Choice for Designers

Interior design is often a very satisfying line of work because you’re creating art that’s meant to be lived in. In that sense, you always have to walk along the tightrope line of style and function, which does have its challenges.

Because of that, any feature that makes things easier for designers is always welcome. Custom roller blinds are one of those design-friendly features and here’s why:

Easy design checkmark

A top reason why window coverings are favourite features for interior designers is their convenience. There’s hardly any work involved other than finding a reputable blinds manufacturer and customizing your order. You may not even have to install it yourself as many manufacturers often include installation as a service!

It really is an extremely easy checkmark off the to-do list, which leaves more time to tackle the more complex aspects of interior design.

Starting a custom colour palette from scratch

If you just moved into a brand-new but empty house and don’t have any furniture pieces in mind, custom roller blinds are the quickest way to get started on interior colour design. Window blinds cover a large surface area and are essential ways to match established colour schemes from existing furniture choices. But who says it can’t be done the other way around? Put up the blinds and then go get the furniture to match.

Moreover, by taking it a step further to order custom roller blinds, you get to start your interior design off with your favourite shade of colour.

Taking care of curb appeal and interior style

The beauty of window treatments is that they help enhance both the interior and the exterior of the house at the same time. Customizing the backing of your roller blinds to maximize the outside curb appeal of your house can be tricky though. In general, you’ll want to stick with neutral colours. Or if your house happens to have bold exterior features like a colourful front door, you can customize the roller blinds backing to match that colour.

Light and privacy control flexibility

Roller blinds in particular are popular window covering choices because of their flexibility in light and privacy control. For rooms that don’t have specific needs for window treatment functions, roller blinds strike a good balance to evolve with the room’s role in the house over the years.

So next time, rather than thinking of custom roller blinds as an additional feature, consider them as catalysts to the interior design process.


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