Choosing Blinds for Different Rooms

Choosing Blinds for Different RoomsEach room of the house has its own unique needs. This is true even when it comes to blinds. As a matter of fact, you might not realize just how much specific blinds in each room might improve your life. At Domir Blinds, we’ve put a lot of thought into exactly which blinds go best in which rooms. We’re here today to tell you our conclusions!

Living Room and Office

The living room, being the main leisure area in the house, can be demanding in two ways. When you’re socializing with family or visitors, you’ll probably want some sunlight to see better. However, if you keep a TV in your living room, like many do, you’ll need a way to block the light entirely.

Your home office will need much the same things. Spending time reading or sorting through paperwork will need some lighting, but your computer screen won’t take kindly to the sun.

Due to its ability to give you complete exposure and then complete darkness at the pull of a string, we recommend Magic Lite for both. It will give you all the light you need to read or talk, while blacking out the sun during movies or computer time.


The bedroom is much less demanding than the living room or office. Because it has a small amount of purposes, the bedroom doesn’t need such extreme light control.

The Ninet is a product which features two sheer screens with fabric vanes in between them. This allows some control over how much light is coming into your home while also protecting your interior from UV, excess heat, and prying eyes.

Due to its casual light control and its one-way privacy protection, we think the Ninet is perfect for bedrooms. You can rest assured that no one will catch a glimpse of you sleeping or getting dressed due to the protective screens. However, you’ll be able to enjoy the view and light from outside as much as you like.


The kitchen isn’t a room that demands much lighting control. Not only that, but it’s important to have blinds in your kitchen that can be cleaned easily. After all, food splattering onto the metal vanes of cheaper blinds is incredible hard to clean off with ease.

Because most kitchen blinds aren’t often fussed with, we recommend roller screens. Roller screens diffuse light, keeping out excess heat and UV. They let in all of the sunlight you could want, making breakfast time a cheerful event. Roller screens also protect your privacy, giving you a one-way view of the outdoors while passersby can’t see inside. For blinds that you don’t mess with much at all, these are the best option.


The bathroom, being an area in need of privacy and adequate lighting, has few demands. There’s not usually a reason to adjust the lighting in a bathroom. The windows in a bathroom are usually exclusively there for providing lighting and ventilation. Roller screens are also the best choice for this room as well. You can leave them down, preserve privacy, and still get the lighting benefits. Not to mention, if your window is low enough, you can enjoy the view during your bath without worrying about anyone seeing you back.


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