How to Babyproof Your Home Starting with the Blinds


How to Babyproof Your Home Starting with the BlindsBringing a new baby into your home is a huge undertaking. It can really change things about how your day to day life goes. Not only are you caring for a new child, you also have to deal with babyproofing. Babyproofing every part of your home within reach of a baby can make once-simple tasks a bit trickier. From opening cabinets to plugging things in, there’s always a barrier you have to get past. But, it doesn’t have to be that way with your blinds! Domir offers a great selection of babyproof blinds. You only have to choose which ones are right for you.

Going Cordless

There are a lot of methods to keeping babies safe from blinds. The cords pose a serious hazard as small children can get wrapped up in them and end up hurt. Some people choose to drape the cord to the blinds over a curtain rod, out of reach. However, this doesn’t look the best and the cord can always come loose, falling within reach again. It’s best, instead, to get cordless blinds!

Cordless blinds remove the need for a pull-cord altogether. You can raise and lower the blinds by pulling on them, or, if it suits you, by using your phone. Motorized blinds don’t require cords and they’re even more convenient. For someone who’s busy feeding or rocking a new baby, it’s much more convenient to pull out your phone. Cover or uncover as many windows as you like with the simple tap of your screen.

Ditch the Metal

Many common blinds are made up of metal slats. These are one of the cheap options and are often what’s already installed in a house when you move in. The unfortunate thing about metal slats is that a child pulling on them can easily bend them out of shape. This can really affect the put-together appearance you strive for in your home.

Opting for cloth or hardy, wooden blinds can solve this problem easily. Reaching hands won’t have any slats to grab onto with the sheer outer layer of the Ninet. Window shades and screens are also very effective with children around. Being one large piece, there are no parts that can bend or scratch your little one. Pairing shades and screens with side channels will ensure they stay put, even if provoked by the smallest member of the family. Now those are some babyproof blinds!

Easy to Clean

The next important consideration is how easy your blinds are to clean. All it takes is some baby food flung toward the kitchen window and your blinds can become a mess. This is where shades and screens really shine. They’re easy to wipe down in the case of a mess. Fabric blinds are less convenient in this scenario. However, we know that not everyone is keen on having more bland screens and shades.

If you want something that looks cozy, will stand up to prying fingers, and is easy to clean, the best choice is Magic Lite. Magic Lite is hardy, modern, and great at controlling the amount of light in your home. This is the ultimate window covering for families with young children.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to inquire about a purchase!

Outfitting Your Classrooms with Proper Blinds


Outfitting Your Classrooms with Proper BlindsWe can all agree that making classrooms as conducive to learning as possible is a great idea, right? Well, one part of doing that is putting up proper blinds. What exactly is it that a classroom needs from its blinds though? Let’s take a look!

Tech Friendly

One part of running a class in the 21st century is making your classroom tech friendly. What does this mean? In this case, it means ensuring computers, tablets, and phones are easy to look at without sunlight getting in the way. This doesn’t mean you have to keep your classroom dark, just that you want to limit direct sunlight.

This accessibility is important. That’s because so much of our lives are stored behind screens, from assignment lists to dorm group chats. Your students need a classroom that caters to their learning needs. For this, we suggest window screens with side channels. For rooms where presentations happen frequently or that are dedicated computer labs, blackout shades may be better.

Temperature Assisting

Another thing to look out for in blinds is the ability to insulate. Blinds that can insulate will keep your classrooms from overheating during the hot months. They’ll also keep the warm air in during the cold months. This mean the air conditioner and heater don’t have to work as hard and your students will be more comfortable. When students are in a temperate room, they’ll have an easier time getting their work done. After all, they won’t be distracted by how warm or cold they are.

Screens and Shades

Window screens are especially good for classrooms. They have a number of features that are useful in this specific setting, including:

  • Insulating rooms, as explained above.
  • They can be paired with side channels. This aids in additional insulation while also lending them a sleeker look. Screens with side channels look well-kept and organized without any additional help.
  • Blocking out UV rays. This prevents damage to classroom fixtures, as UV is what causes sun damage.
  • Letting in light but keeping screens visible. Window screens diffuse sunlight, making it tech friendly.

Shades are a worthy consideration for rooms that need to remain dark, such as computer labs or presentation rooms. Here’s what they have to offer:

  • Complete sun blockage. This means you can use your projector without sunlight getting in the way of the projection.
  • Insulation as mentioned above.
  • They can be paired with side channels which makes them look neat and organized as well as providing additional insulation.
  • Window shades block out the view, which can be great for concentration as well as privacy during exams.

If you’re interested in ordering Domir, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you with your order. Remember, we’re the manufacturer so you save money by ordering through us. You can even get up to half off on large orders!

The Importance of Proper Blinds in Restaurants


The Importance of Proper Blinds in RestaurantsRestaurants come with a variety of unique needs in design. From surfaces that are easy to clean to decor that matches the interior, there’s a lot to consider. But what about blinds? How do you decide what blinds are right for your restaurant? Let’s look at what you should factor into your choice.

Easy to Clean

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing blinds for a restaurant is how easy they’ll be to clean. Too often, restaurants buy cheap, slatted blinds that collect dust and never get cleaned. Caked on dust looks gross and can cause respiratory difficulties in patrons.

Do yourself and your business a favor and invest in something easier to clean. Window screens are great for letting in sunlight while blocking UV and lending privacy. Shades will block out sunlight as well and are great for restaurants looking to provide the lighting from inside. Products like the Ninet or Magic Lite will be able to give you a range of sun exposure depending on what you need. All of these have a common trait: they’re easy to clean. Flat, outer layers are easy to wipe down and keep slats from collecting dust.


An important part of bringing back customers is by creating a good atmosphere. Any piece of interior decor or functionality can make or break your atmosphere. This makes it important to choose blinds that fit in attractively with the rest of the restaurant aesthetic. Domir has a number of blinds to choose from. At least one of them is bound to suit your aesthetic needs. To get started, check out our sleek window shades and our warm Ninet.

Functional in a Restaurant

Of course, we can’t forget the importance of functionality. Being able to adjust the blinds as needed is also important. This is especially true for restaurants that use the sun as a light source but want to keep the rising or setting sun from blinding customers. The Ninet and Magic Lite are fantastic for this. While window screens and shades either let in all the light or none of it, Magic lite can do both and everything in between. The Ninet has a warmer appearance, but can also accomplish a range of coverage levels.


An important part of buying any new thing for your restaurants is making sure it will last. After all, it’s no one’s dream to replace the blinds every year from wear and tear. Cheap, metal blinds are prone to getting beat up from patrons bumping them and bending them. Shades, screens, and high-quality, slatted alternatives like Magic Lite will last longer and look better. It’s an investment to buy quality blinds from Domir, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be overspending. Our prices are fair and affordable. And, because we’re the manufacturer, if you order directly from us on big orders, you can save up to half the cost!

Contact us if you have questions. We’d love to help you find the blinds that are right for you!

How Hotel Rooms Benefit from Roller Screens


How Hotel Rooms Benefit from Roller ScreensDeciding what features you should put in your hotel can be tricky. Certain things are necessary but can be bought cheaply. Blinds are one of those things. Buying cheap, metal blinds can be tempting, but here’s why we at Domir think you should choose screens instead.

What are Roller Screens?

Roller screens are one solid piece that can be pulled down over a window. Screens, unlike shades, are partially transparent – from inside! Screens offer a one-way view of the outdoors without compromising any privacy. This partial transparency allows sunlight to filter in, lighting up a room without overwhelming electronic screens and sensitive eyes. They can be left down all day long if you prefer not to fuss with your window coverings.

Better Coverage

We recommend pairing roller screens with side channels. These are unobtrusive channels that get attached to the sides of a window frame. Shades and screens can sit nicely in the channels and won’t leak sunlight around their edges anymore. There are a few reasons why this is better than roller screens by themselves and better than classic blinds.

  • Better privacy. Blocking the small openings at the sides of the screens ensures there’s no way someone can get a look in around the edges.
  • Better UV blockage. Roller screens block out most UV light. No direct light seeping in around the sides ensures UV light can’t damage things. Did you know that UV is what causes sun fading? Use roller screens and side channels to diffuse light and UV, keeping your hotel rooms safe from sun damage.
  • A cleaner look. Roller screens look great by themselves, but adding side channels makes them look cleaner. Keeping the screens neatly in place and avoiding movement from a breeze will keep a room looking put together.

The neat and tidy appearance of screens with side channels, allowing for a beautiful view without neglecting privacy, is exactly what your hotel needs. This light, cozy aesthetic looks great in brochures and on travel websites. They’re a great improvement from the lower-class look of metal blinds.


Roller screens don’t just look fantastic, they also save you money every day. Due to their diffusion of sunlight, your hotel air conditioners won’t have to work as hard. Rooms will be easier to keep at their usual temperature. That means you get to pay less money toward electricity and your air conditioner won’t have to run all day.

If you’d like to order roller screens for your hotel, we’d be glad to help. Contact us when you’re ready to ask questions or put in your order. We’re more than happy to give you the answers you’re looking for and help you figure out your order. Because we’re the manufacturer, you also save money when ordering directly. Save up to 50% when you order straight from Domir!

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