Roller Screens for High Rise Office Buildings


Roller Screens for High Rise Office BuildingsIf you base your company out of a high rise office building, you know there’s a lot that goes into making the perfect work environment. Even if you have the whole floor to yourself, you have to outfit that space yourself. That includes window coverings. Trying to figure out what kind of blinds to buy for your office space can be tricky. Let’s check out why roller screens may be the best choice for you and your high rise office.

Light Filtering

Roller screens are a great solution for office buildings for a lot of different reasons. For one thing, they filter light. That means your office space will remain lit up throughout the day without direct sunlight causing problems. They keep your office space from overheating and help out employees by ensuring they don’t have direct sunlight in their eyes. On the other hand, they don’t block out all of the light, leaving your office space dark and depressing. Light-filtering, roller screens are the perfect office solution.

Computer Friendly

Because roller screens filter sunlight, you don’t have to worry about direct sunlight glaring on computer screens. If you work in an office, you know sunlight on your computer screen can put a wrench in your work efficiency. It’s hard to concentrate when you can’t see what you’re doing.

Improve Roller Screens

Regular blinds allow streaks of direct sunlight to enter a room, making it hard to see your computer screen. Because roller screens are one solid piece, you don’t have to worry about sunlight coming in through slats. However, there is the possibility of sunlight coming in around the sides of your roller screen. That’s why we suggest buying side channels to go with your roller screens. Side channels attach to the sides of the window frame. The sides of your roller screens are then placed into the channels, removing any gaps in window coverage. That means you’re guaranteed to have no light leakage.

Professional Appearance

Roller screens are the best in professional appearance. They’re a no-frills solution for your office window coverage. When you have roller screens installed, you get the best window coverage for the best price and without making your office look too casual.

You can get an even more professional appearance if you order print on blinds. Print on blinds will allow you to order a roller screen with your company logo on it. If your logo isn’t what you want on your print on blinds, you can even opt for designs used for company projects or sectors. Putting up company-related designs may help improve the morale of employees as it gives them something inspiring to look at. After all, plain roller screens look professional, but they don’t exactly spark creativity.

If you’re interested in buying blinds for your high rise office windows, give us a call and we’ll help you with your order. Let us know if you have any questions and our professionals at Domir Blinds will be sure to help. You can even get up to 50% off your order over $500.

Non-Commercial Uses for Print On Blinds


How Having Blinds Protects Your Belongings from DamagePrint on blinds are infinitely useful for business. You can print your logo, your business’ contact information, or other, similar things. However, did you know print on blinds aren’t just for commercial businesses? There’s no law stating that you can’t print anything you want on these blinds. That means there are countless ways to implement them that are only limited by your creativity. Let’s see some fun, non-commercial uses for print on blinds.

Nursery Blinds

Decorating a nursery to be child-friendly on every surface can be kind of difficult. While it’s easy to find furniture and toys to spark curiosity and creativity in your baby, blinds aren’t as easy – until now! Ordering print on blinds with custom designs allows you to put up colorful, creative, and cute window shades in your baby’s room. Consider cute animal designs, flowers, or the night sky. Installing these blinds with the design facing inward will allow your baby to enjoy whatever you choose to order.

Unique Windows

Even if you don’t have a baby or small child, who’s to say you can’t order creative designs for yourself? If you like the idea of having roller screens in your windows but don’t want plain white, print on blinds are the solution. Order with a design you love and make your windows more unique than your neighbors’.

Bar Cover

If you have a bar on one side of your kitchen counter, you may be able to cover it when desired. If your bar is framed in, putting up side channels and a print on blind will allow you to close up shop, so to speak. This will allow you more privacy while you cook. If someone is working or watching TV in the next room, it will also help block out some of the kitchen sounds, smells, and lights.

By covering this space with print ons, you can pick a fun or aesthetic design for the outside of the blinds. This will make the bar cover as much a part of the decor as everything else in the room. Choose something classy or creative. Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will look great!

Outdoor Bar Menu

Even more functional is using these print on blinds as a menu. If you have an outdoor bar with a kitchen window behind it, you can use print ons to advertise to friends and family exactly what you keep available in your bar. Choosing drinks has never been easier than with all of your options in front of you.

No matter what you do with your print on blinds, the key is creativity. With a small dose of creativity, we’ve taken something aimed toward commercial use and made it something anyone can benefit from. If you have questions about Domir Blinds’ print on blinds, contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Improve Your Storefront with Proper Blinds


Do you want your business to gain more traction? The first step is taking a look at your curb appeal. One of the most important parts of catching the eye of potential customers is by looking the part. After all, why would someone want to go to a business with a storefront that’s less than promising?

Domir is here to give you some advice on improving your storefront. Regardless of what’s in your windows, one of the first things you should put thought into is your blinds. Let’s take a look at why this is so important.

Closing Time

The first reason why having blinds as part of your storefront is important is their use during closing time. When business hours are coming to an end, pull down some quality blinds. This will not only maintain the businesses classy appearance, it will also help with security.

Keeping your windows uncovered after close will allow potential intruders to see inside. Being able to see the merchandise inside and that there’s no one around is a great way to guarantee a robbery. However, if you pull down some nice blinds and keep the light on, the interior will be a mystery. Having the light on alludes to the possibility that staff may still be occupying the building.

Logo Backdrop

If you’re looking for a clean aesthetic to your business, blinds can also be left fully or partially closed during business hours. This can make the inside seem like more of an oasis as well as provide a backdrop for any logos on the window. Many people, especially those running out of a strip, like to have their business name on the window. If you choose to advertise this way, you can benefit from blinds as a backdrop.

It can be hard to read text on a window if there’s a lot going on behind it. Having a solid type of blinds, like the Ninet, will make it easier for people to read your business name. It will also give your business a calmer appearance, which is great for a lot of business types.

Print On Blinds

If you don’t have your brand on your window, you may be interested in putting your brand in your window. Domir is happy to announce we also offer print on blinds. These are a type of window screen that we can custom print on. This will allow you to pull down your window screen, filling your front window with your logo design.

  • Print on blinds are a simple way to accomplish a lot at once. They:
  • Advertise to passersby
  • Block out unwanted sunlight
  • Make the interior of the business seem calm, even if the window faces a busy street
  • Provide a clean backdrop for any decorations you have sitting in the window to bring attention to your business’s purpose

If you’re interested in ordering some new blinds for your business, contact us at Domir! We’re the manufacturer and that means no middlemen driving up prices. You can even get up to 50% off for orders over a certain price.

The Professional Touch of Window Shades


The Professional Touch of Window ShadesDecorating an office space or business to be appealing to customers while still remaining professional and functional can be tricky. There are a number of things to consider about a professional interior from flooring to paint. Domir Blinds is here to make the decision about window coverings a little easier!

Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most popular choices for a professional environment – and for good reason. Roller shades do a great job of blocking out the light that would otherwise make computer screens hard to see. They also don’t collect dust the same way regular blinds do. Regular blinds are hard to keep from getting dusty. In a place of work, who does it fall to to keep the blinds clean? If you’re having a hard time figuring that out, that might be why so many businesses have dusty blinds! Roller shades will make this a moot concern.

Blackout Shades

Roller blackout shades are the more effective cousin of roller shades! They function in exactly the same way but block out even more light, like you never had a window to begin with. These are ideal for presentation rooms and meeting rooms where projectors will be put to use. They’re also great for computer lab-type rooms where sunlight is almost always an inconvenience.

Side Channels

Both of these shade types, and especially the blackout ones, benefit greatly from side channels. Side channels are little tracks installed on either side of a shade. These are invaluable for when you want complete darkness. A shade isn’t always the perfect size for a window and there will be a sliver of light on either side of it. Light leaking through can be enough to make a computer unusable.

If the sun is rising or setting on the same side of the building as your window, that little ray of light could land right on your screen. And we all know how bright and eye-searing morning and sunset light can be. Avoid this scenario entirely with side channels. They’ll completely cover any cracks between the wall and roller shades you’ve installed. No more errant rays of light will ruin your presentation or work efficiency!

Side channels have another perk as well! If your windows are able to open or if you frequently have fans running, they hold shades in place. Wind from outside or from a fan won’t leave your shades moving around and causing distractions. Not to mention, side channels give shades a clean and finished look that you just can’t beat.

Print On Blinds

Regular shades are great for efficiency, but what about the front office where there are less computers and more customer service? Domir Blinds offers a fantastic solution for these areas! Print on blinds are a screen-type window covering where you can print on designs or logos. Create a desired atmosphere by adding a design to your blinds or advertise to passersby with your logo in the window.

All of these options are great for a professional look. Contact us to order. Remember, we’re the manufacturer. Save up to 50% when ordering straight from Domir!

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