Reduce Heat This Summer with Insulating Blinds

Reduce Heat This Summer with Insulating Blinds

Tired of the summer heat always driving your electric bill through the roof? Or, if you don’t have an air conditioner, you’re probably pretty overheated in your home. You might be surprised, but Domir Blinds can help with that. That’s because insulating blinds help reduce heat in the home. Let’s see how some new blinds might be able to help you save money and live more comfortably in the summertime.

How Does Insulation Work?

You might not have known that blinds can insulate. A lot of people don’t. The fact is, blinds can be very effective insulators. What is it that makes them insulate though?

It really comes down to what insulation is and how temperature changes. Heat is caused when atoms are moving very quickly. Cold is caused when atoms are moving very slowly. When hot and cold come into contact with each other, the hot and cold atoms collide. This collision leads to fast atoms bumping into slow atoms. The fast ones push the slow ones into a higher speed and the slow ones force the fast ones to slow down a bit. 

As time passes, the speed of the atoms’ vibration will find a middle ground. That is, unless the source of the heat is the entire outdoors. In that case, your home is likely to get very hot and make no noticeable difference to the rest of the world.

Insulation is any kind of middle ground between two contrasting temperatures. This will keep fast and slow atoms from interacting with each other and changing the temperature. 

Insulating Blinds

So, now that we’ve got the basics of insulation down, you might wonder how blinds do this. The truth is, it gets kind of complicated. Certain surfaces, like glass, transfer temperature very easily. That makes windows a huge temperature leaking point in our homes.

Covering a window with something solid that won’t transfer temperature as easily can mitigate the temperature leakage of the window. That makes fabric blinds and blinds with multiple layers of fabric great insulators. Fast atoms are forced to slow down if they want to move through something like fabric. The more times they have to move through a layer, the less intense their speed.

Choosing Your Blinds

So, which blinds are made up of insulating layers like this?

  • The Ninet is one of Domir’s original designs. These blinds are made up of two fabric layers with standard, slatted blinds between them. This allows you to control how much light enters your home while maintaining 100% privacy in all cases.
  • Honeycomb blinds allow less light control, but do a great job at insulating. These are made to be opened up or put down. When down, they provide two layers of insulating fabric.
  • Blackout roller shades are another great option. Because these are made with such a thick layer for blocking out sunlight, they can actually do a pretty good job insulating. Though, they are the inferior insulating choice when compared with the previous two options. These roller shades can be combines with side channels to prevent as much temperature leakage as possible while also blocking out sunlight.

Shop Domir

Regardless of which blinds are right for you, you can get them right here in Toronto from Domir. Because we’re the manufacturer, you can even cut out middleman price gauges. Get the best price you can from us. Give us a call if you have questions or would like help with your order.

How to Avoid Sun-Bleaching with Quality Blinds

How to Avoid Sun-Bleaching with Quality Blinds

Most people have had the misfortune of dealing with sun-bleaching at one point or another. Perhaps you left some clothes on a surface near a window for a little while. Or, maybe the bed in your guest room gets sun on it in the mornings and you noticed streaks of sun damage after a while of disuse. No matter what unfortunate piece of fabric has been sun-bleached in your home, Domir Blinds is here to help. Here’s how to avoid sun-bleaching in your home with quality blinds!

What is Sun-Bleaching?

You might not have thought about sun-bleaching on a deeper level before – most people haven’t. But, when it comes down to it, what is it that’s really causing sun-bleaching? As it turns out, like most other damage that the sun causes, the source for sun-bleaching is UV rays.

When UV rays hit a piece of fabric, they actually have a small chemical reaction with the dyes of the fabric. Over time, the dyes break down, causing the fabric to lighten in color. This is why, even if the whole room is illuminated, you’ll only get streaks of sun-bleaching where the sunlight was hitting directly.

Block Out the Sun

The most obvious solution to this kind of damage is blocking out the sun. After all, if you don’t have any sunlight in a room, you can’t get sun damage. For the more utilitarian homes, roller blackout shades might be the perfect solution. However, these aren’t the most attractive choice. 

For those of us who prefer our home to have some decorum, a more attractive, blackout blind is a better choice. For this, we highly recommend Magic Lite. The Magic Lite is made to be versatile. It can offer full exposure or complete blackout, depending on your needs. Its overlapping slats can give you whatever kind of exposure you need – even if that’s none at all.

Block Out the UV

If we’re being honest, most of us don’t prefer the room to be completely devoid of sunlight. The question then becomes how to avoid sun-bleaching without blocking out the sun. The answer is simple: block out just the UV.

Blocking out UV while letting in the sunshine is easier than you might expect. You simply need to filter the light. That’s right – you can filter the light. While light may seem like nothing to us, it’s a lot more than nothing if you look closely. Of course, seeing the UV particles isn’t necessary to get rid of them. It’s as easy as installing blinds that filter light.

A great example of quality blinds that filter out UV is The Ninet. This simplistic and gorgeous blinds design is a combination of traditional, slatted blinds and a sheer covering. The slatted blinds, placed between two sheer layers, are there for light control. The sheer layers provide privacy and filter out UV rays. This allows a room to be filled with sunlight without risking damage to fabrics within.

Order Domir

If you’re in the market for quality new blinds in Toronto, your best bet is ordering from Domir Blinds. Because we’re the manufacturer, we offer a better price and better deals than distributors. Give us a call if you have questions about our products or would like help placing an order. We look forward to assisting you!

Versatile Blinds for Any Room in the House

Versatile Blinds for Any Room in the House

While specialized blinds are great for some people, a lot of us are just looking for something versatile that we can use in all rooms of the house. Not to worry! Domir Blinds has a number of blinds for any room. No matter what your interior design style looks like, we’re sure to have something that suits your needs.

Soft and Warm

For many, a blinds design that gives off a soft appearance is the ideal choice. For that, we suggest The Ninet. This design is perfect if you aim for a warm interior. The warm, tan color fits nicely with reds, browns, and other warm tones. These look great in any room of the house, giving you the opportunity for consistent design throughout.

These blinds are also great for light control. They’re made to be like standard, slatted blinds, lined on either side with sheer fabric. This allows you to go from full coverage to a sheer exposure. Filtered light allows your home to maintain its warmth and glow while blocking out UV and continuing to give you privacy. However, if you would rather keep the sun out, the complete closure option is great for that.

Sleek and Effective

If your goal is more sleek than cozy, Magic Lite might be a better choice for you. While The Ninet has a soft and warm appearance, the stark white and clean lines of Magic Lite does not.

These blinds look great in a home with a lot of neutral tones and cold colors. Placing them in windows surrounded by dark or bold paint colors will also provide an incredible contrast. Minimalist and contemporary homes alike will look great with this addition to their windows.

Not only is Magic Lite a great choice by appearance, it’s also a great choice by function. These blinds are made for maximum efficiency in lighting control. Choose to let in all the sunlight available to you or choose to block it out entirely. The slats of the Magic Lite can do it all.

Long, Tall, and Clean

These two blinds choices are great for standard windows, but what about tall windows or sliding, glass doors? Well, the Magic Lite can be used on tall windows, but wide ones are another story. For instances where you’re not interested in lining up multiple sets of blinds to increase coverage, the sheer vertical blinds are best.

Sheer vertical blinds provide incredible coverage while looking soft and clean. Their dual-layer build allows for multiple kinds of light exposure. The first layer is a layer of sheer fabric to allow in filtered sunlight and still maintain privacy. If you’re looking to darken your interior, pull closed the second layer. This layer is a thicker fabric and will effectively block out the sun. Feeling like getting a nice view of the outdoors and let in all the sun you can get? Just open them entirely and bask.

If you need versatile blinds for any room in your home, you can get what you need from Domir. Give us a call at Domir Blinds and we’ll help you with any questions you might have. We can also help you start your order.

Minimalist Blinds You Can Get From Domir

Minimalist Blinds You Can Get From Domir

Owning a minimalist home can be hard when it comes to adding new features or replacing old ones. Trying to find something that’s just the right amount of minimalist can be quite hard when the average design taste has more detail. Regular slatted blinds can technically fit, but why use those when you could choose something that fits the style even more? Domir Blinds in Toronto has a great selection of minimalist blinds. Read on to see which of our products are the best choice for you!

Roller Screens

First up, we have roller screens. These screens are plain, fabric sheets that roll up at the top. They’re much like the kind of blinds you might have had in a high school classroom. They’re very utilitarian, but serve their purpose and look very minimalist while doing it. The perk of roller screens is that they let in sunlight while filtering out UV and providing privacy. If you like your home to get lots of sunshine during the day, these are a great choice for you.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are very similar to roller screens in their function. The difference is, these are not made for letting in light. Roller shades are meant for blocking out light. These will appear plain and white on the inside, making a great backdrop for any decor you might have in the windowsill, including plants. Just make sure to open them up here and there to let your plants have some sun.

These are a great choice if you sleep late in the morning or during the day. They block out unwanted sunlight while allowing you to open up should you decide to.

Magic Lite

Of our original designs, Magic Lite is the best for minimalist homes. This blinds design takes the concept of slats and turns it into something artistic. The flat slats overlap each other when you’re looking for some darkness. However, they can be controlled with a degree of precision that standard blinds cannot. This allows you to determine the exact amount of light coming in through your blinds. If you want full exposure, you’ve got it! If you want blackout levels of darkness, you can have that as well.

Along with their precision light control, the design is made to be flat and low in dimension, making it a great choice for a minimalist interior. Its boxy look fits in with other straight edges and sleek interior elements.

Sheer Vertical

Last, but not least, our sheer vertical blinds are a whimsical choice for a minimalist interior. These blinds take on the form of double-layered curtains. The first layer is sheer, allowing in light the same way roller screens do. The second layer is thicker and blocks out light. While these blinds can come in multiple colors, the standard is white.

The soft white and whimsical flow of these blinds makes them great for minimalist interiors that aim for a more soft appearance, rather than a sleek one. They’re also ideal for covering sliding glass doors or larger windows.

If you’re in the market for minimalist blinds, Domir Blinds in Toronto is the #1 place to find them. Give us a call if you have questions or need help ordering.

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