Shades Vs. Blinds: Which Is Best For Your Home?


The choice between shades and blinds depends on a variety of factors, not least the construction and mechanical differences between the two.  Shades are composed of a single piece of fabric that can only be raised or lowered.  Blinds, on the other hand, are typically made of solid, individual slats that can be opened and closed or raised and lowered.  Beyond these differences, here are some other factors to keep in mind.

Light Blocking Ability

If you need a total blackout in your room, shades made of a thick, dark fabric are your best bet.  When closed, blinds will be able to block most light from entering, but due to their construction, there will always be some spaces through which light will enter.  On the other hand, if the room calls for diffuse light, blinds will allow many different degrees of light to enter whereas shades are typically opened or closed.

7 Materials for Window Blinds


It’s easy to base the type of window blinds you choose on the functions you need. When it comes down to matching interior design styles though, it’s all about the material.

These 7 materials for window blinds will give you a whole swathe of ways to personalise your home’s look and feel:

Must-Have Window Treatments for Your Man Cave


It’s Saturday night. Instead of going out to the pub with your buddies, you decide to invite them over. You call them up and they’re all down with the idea. You grab a few bags of chips, a couple six-packs of beer, and head downstairs to stock the mini-fridge. You turn on the big-screen TV to the game and check that your favourite pizza delivery is on speed-dial. Finally, you draw down the blinds and crack open a beer with satisfaction. There’s no better place than The Man Cave. In fact, that’s the very name you gave to the room – it’s on the sign above the TV. Just then, the doorbell rings. Let the party begin.

Are Horizontal or Vertical Blinds Better for You?


Strictly speaking from a window-covering point of view, both horizontal and vertical blinds will do the job admirably so you can pick one or the other and be done with it. But who are we kidding? It’s in our nature to tweak the environment to our liking. If there’s any way to optimise our surroundings, we’d be there sure as dust on blinds to seize it. So although blinds will cover windows just as well one direction or another, there are functional differences between horizontal and vertical blinds worth considering that will better suit your situation.

Here’s a comparison of them based on their features:

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