Sheer Blinds for Glass Office Dividers

Sheer Blinds for Glass Office Dividers

If you run an office with a lot of glass dividers, you may have run into some problems. These kinds of glass dividers are commonly put between individual offices to allow the space to feel larger. However, what was meant to be innovative and allow light to flow can actually come with a low of downsides. Not sure what I mean? Let’s look deeper.

Office Space Distraction

The first issue with glass dividers and walls is their proclivity to invite distraction. Being able to see outside of your office can allow for some great views, can make it seem less intimidating to others, and can allow in more light. However, it also exposes you to everyone walking by, people dropping things, people chatting nearby, and more. It’s an easy way to lead to distractibility. Even if you’re not the most distractible person in the office, every glance up – a natural reaction from anyone when there’s a sudden movement nearby – is a break from concentration. Tired of feeling like you’re being interrupted by people just going about their day? It can be solved with blinds for glass office dividers.

The Importance of Privacy

The other reason blinds for glass office dividers can be life saving is because of how important privacy is. Glass office dividers and walls don’t allow for any privacy within the office. Whether you’re sensitive to criticism, have anxiety, or just plain like to be alone, having privacy matters. An office with glass walls may allow lightflow, but it also turns your office into something of an exhibit. 

How Blinds Help

By putting up blinds, you can cut out distractions and discomfort from your daily work life. Blinds for glass office dividers allow you to take back your personal space and take control of your concentration again. Plus, if you’re in charge and have many employees with offices like this, adding blinds to their offices will improve production and give them more autonomy over how much privacy they have. Any office worker would be grateful for that.

Blinds for Glass Office Dividers

What blinds are good for this kind of use? Old-fashioned, metal blinds with slats look unattractive, dated, and are prone to bending, which only makes them look worse. The solution is ordering something more up-to-date, like sheer vertical blinds. While Domir has a lot of blinds to offer, many of which would work just fine, we feel sheer vertical blinds are the best choice for glass office walls.

Sheer vertical blinds are similar in appearance to curtains – looking classy and comfortable – but have more functionality than curtains. They’re long, which means they can be used floor to ceiling. Furthermore, they come in two layers. The first layer completely blocks out the view and light, which is great for someone who wants to feel alone and avoid distraction. Pull back that layer and there’s a second one. The second layer is sheer, allowing light in while creating a one-way viewing effect. This will allow privacy and light flow while giving employees the ability to see out. This is great if you’re looking to make the office space feel a little bigger.

If you want to buy blinds for a large space, such as a commercial office, remember: order from Domir. Because we’re the manufacturer, you save money from ordering straight from us. Ordering directly cuts out middleman profits and gives you the opportunity to save up to 50% on orders over $500. Give us a call if you have questions about our products or how to order.

Jewelry Shop Blinds That Protect from Break-Ins

Jewelry Shop Blinds That Protect from Break-Ins

If you own a jewelry shop, it’s not unexpected if you’ve had concerns about break-ins. Jewelry shops are one of the most ambitious types of break-ins and can lead to a huge loss to the owner and a huge gain to the burglar. Therefore, it’s in any jewelry shop owner’s best interest to consider all of the ways they can prevent burglary from befalling their business.One of the easiest steps to burglary prevention is, surprisingly, getting some decent blinds. Let’s take a look at how jewelry shop blinds can protect from break-ins.

Planning a Break-In

When a burglar is planning a break-in, there are some pretty routine steps they must take. The first thing is picking a target. The target shop will be one that allows easy success in all of the other planning steps. So, in order to avoid becoming a target, you must know what other planning steps a burglar takes. That way, you can ensure your shop will not make them easy.

The next step in planning is being able to stake out the shop. That means the ability to check out the products, how tight security is, business hours, and when people are and aren’t around. 

A burglar can easily walk into the shop in plain clothes and pose as a future patron. However, there’s more to staking out a shop than taking inventory. It all comes down to being able to see into the shop from outside.

The Importance of Privacy

That brings us to the importance of privacy. Why does a burglar need to see in from outside? It’s because they need to see these three things:

  • People
    If a burglar is going to break into a shop, they’re going to go in undercover. However, if they can’t see in through the windows, they can’t see if there’s anyone inside. Employees may be hanging around after hours to work or there may be a private meeting with a customer. If the burglar can’t see in through the windows, they can’t break in without a huge amount of risk involved. The only other way to find out if there are people inside while the door is locked is to start the breaking-in process. In that case, if there are people inside, the burglar is done for.
  • Security
    Because so many shops put up additional security measures at night, a burglar will need to be able to see the store after hours to take full stock of security measures. For instance, sensors, additional locks, and alarms can all be engaged only after hours.
  • Merchandise
    While merchandise can be checked out from inside the store, in plain clothes, going into the shop at all is a huge risk. Exposing yourself to security cameras with your face uncovered, from any angle, automatically increases the likelihood of being caught. Therefore, if a burglar is uninterested in raising the stakes by going inside, they will want to be able to check out the shop’s contents from the street.

Gain Privacy with Jewelry Shop Blinds

The best way to gain privacy for your jewelry shop is by installing good blinds. Classic, slatted blinds block out light and leave shops with a dark, dreary interior. Consider sheer vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, and The Ninet for your shop. All of these options allow light to come into the shop while keeping out unwanted eyes. Give us a call at Domir today if you need help choosing.

What Are the Best Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors?

What Are the Best Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors?

Do you have some sliding glass doors that need covering? Domir Blinds is here to help. If you’ve never had to buy blinds for sliding glass doors before, you might be unsure of where to start. Therefore, we want to make that learning process easier for you. Here are some of the best blinds for sliding glass doors.

Individual Needs

The first thing to note about blinds for sliding glass doors is that the best choice really depends on someone’s individual needs. So, the first step in choosing is determining the most important things for your home: precision lighting control or comfort.

Precision lighting is the ability to control exactly how much sunlight exposure your room gets. Blinds that are more comfortable will be more in tune with sliding glass door movement and ease of use. If you like being able to choose complete darkness, complete exposure, or anywhere in-between, precision lighting is the best choice for you. If you’re more interested in quiet, privacy, and a soft appearance, comfort is more your style. Here are two types of blinds for sliding glass doors that fit neatly into these categories.

Magic Lite Blinds

Magic Lite blinds are the ideal choice for those looking for precision lighting control. They’re built with flat, overlapping slats. These slats are much wider and thicker than those in standard, metal blinds. When overlapping, they can bring your room to complete darkness. Or, if you want things to be a bit brighter, you can open the slats for complete exposure. 

This flexibility in lighting control isn’t the only thing that makes Magic Lite a great choice. Magic Lite blinds also offer a sense of minimalist design. The straight, flat slats, most popularly bought in white, look great with most interiors. They clean lines in the design look especially good in contemporary, minimalist, or sleek-styled homes. However, just because these styles are what Magic Lite matches best with, doesn’t mean it lacks the flexibility to go with other styles. Paired with more country or primitive styles, the Magic Lite can give off a shutter-like impression.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

If comfort is more your priority, sheer vertical blinds are the superior choice. These blinds have a similar design to curtains, but come with more control and privacy.

While curtains are typically made to block out most light when closed, or none when open, sheer vertical blinds are different. Sheer vertical blinds come in two layers of fabric. With both layers closed, the sun is completely blocked out. This effect is akin to that of blackout curtains. However, if you only want direct sunlight blocked out, simply pull open the thicker layer.

With the light-blocking layer of fabric pulled open, the sheer layer is left to filter direct sun while letting in plenty of light. This protects your home from UV rays, which prevents sun bleaching and damage to skin and plants.

The sheer layer also provides privacy. You can see outdoors, but those passing by outside will not be able to see in. This layer, even by itself, is superior to traditional curtains.

Give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have questions about blinds for sliding glass doors. We look forward to helping you find the perfect set of blinds for your sliding doors.

Nursery Blinds That Help with Daytime Naps

Nursery Blinds That Help with Daytime Naps

Having a baby at home can be a real challenge, especially if you have inefficient, standard blinds. Standard blinds pose all kinds of hazards to toddlers, but how about their effect during infancy? Let’s take a moment to talk about how nursery blinds can affect a baby’s ability to nap during the day and how Domir can help.

Circadian Rhythm

Have you ever heard of circadian rhythm? That’s the name of your notorious ‘internal clock.’ Your circadian rhythm is what makes you sleepy when the sun goes down and what wakes you up when it rises. Not everyone has a circadian rhythm that does that, as the circadian rhythm is actually pretty easy to mess up.

One thing that can mess up the circadian rhythm is sleeping with the lights on or doing wakeful activities in the dark. Your brain begins associating these light levels with the activity taking place and then doesn’t go into the proper wake or sleep mode when the lighting changes.

Because of this, it’s important that, growing up, children are given a consistent difference between nighttime and daytime lighting. This helps them develop a strong circadian rhythm, allowing them better sleep and a more easily-adhered-to schedule. 

Standard Blinds

Because standard blinds are not made with good lighting control in mind, they let in a lot of light during the day. Therefore, if you put your infant down for a nap in the middle of the day, the room is going to be fairly illuminated. This can disrupt the newly-developing rhythm your baby is acquiring and lead to trouble sleeping at night, fear of the dark, and sleep pattern issues in the years to come.

By choosing nursery blinds that allow precision light control, you can completely darken the nursery before putting your infant down for a nap. Of course, some dull lights on a mobile or crib attachment won’t cause any issues and will allow them the ability to see their surroundings a bit more. However, the bright light of day, signaling awake-time, will be kept at bay. Domir has many options for blinds that can achieve this. Let’s see what some of those options are.

Precision Light Control

There are many styles of blinds that are able to black out a room during the day. Here are the ones you can find at Domir Blinds.


Roller shades are simple. They’re the kind of blinds you see in classrooms – solid sheets of material that roll up at the top. These are just as great as nursery blinds. When pulled down, they cover the window seamlessly, except for at their sides. If you’re aiming for complete darkness, side channels, which attach to the window frame, will get rid of any gaps where light could sneak through.

Magic Lite

Magic Lite is a chic and attractive design. This design is made with wide, completely overlapping slats. These slats, when controlled, can open completely to allow complete exposure. Or, if desired, can overlap completely to block all light from entering the room.

Shop Domir

When you shop Domir Blinds, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. That means you cut out the middleman costs added on by distributors. Instead of paying more to give outlet stores a profit, put in your order to Domir today. We look forward to assisting you in improving the quality and comfort of your home’s lighting.

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