Why Honeycomb Blinds Match Any House


Why Honeycomb Blinds Match Any HouseShopping for any addition to your interior can be a huge hassle. Finding just the right thing can take hours or days. If you’re a busy person and can’t do all of your searching at once, it can even take weeks. That’s why it’s so convenient when there’s one type of interior element that works for virtually anyone, anywhere. Domir wants to let you in on honeycomb blinds and how they can fit in with any interior. Let’s check out what makes them so versatile.


The first thing that makes honeycomb blinds so versatile is their neutral coloring. Most honeycomb blinds come in a color anywhere from white to light brown. Those are the standard colors. Because white and cream colors are so neutral, they can fit in with almost any kind of interior design. No matter your color palette, one of these shades should fit in nicely.

Their design is also very neutral. They don’t lean too soft or too sleek. Honeycomb blinds are a great middle ground in blind design. They’re clean cut and somewhat boxy without looking too sharp.

Lighting Variance

Because everyone needs different kinds of lighting, it’s important that honeycomb blinds offer different variances. If you’re looking for something to lend you privacy without blocking out all of the beautiful sunlight, you may want sheer honeycomb blinds. However, if you prefer your blinds to keep the light outside, you can opt, instead, for honeycomb blackouts. These are great for rooms with TVs or computers in them as they make it possible to rid a room of glare.

Personal Interior

While it’s easy to go with a simple white or cream, if you’re up for picking out a more personal color, you can. Honeycomb blinds are available in a large number of colors for those who want them to compliment their interior color palette. The best part about honeycomb blinds is that you can order them with color on the inside only.

Do you want your blinds to stay uniform and white from the outside? That’s just fine. Honeycomb blinds can be ordered with one color on the interior side and another on the exterior. This makes them great for when you want different colors in different rooms without the exterior appearance varying from window to window.

Family Friendly

Another fantastic feature of honeycomb blinds is that their cords are hidden. That makes them great for families with children. Keeping cords out of sight and out of reach makes these blinds a lot safer for little ones.

This feature isn’t just great for safety, it’s also great for appearance. Hidden cords make your blinds look more elegant and beautiful. That means a family friendly space without sacrificing style.

If you’re interested in ordering any of the blind styles Domir has to offer, give us a call. We’re more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products. We can even help you out if you’re unsure how to order. We look forward to hearing from you.

Improve Your Storefront with Proper Blinds


Do you want your business to gain more traction? The first step is taking a look at your curb appeal. One of the most important parts of catching the eye of potential customers is by looking the part. After all, why would someone want to go to a business with a storefront that’s less than promising?

Domir is here to give you some advice on improving your storefront. Regardless of what’s in your windows, one of the first things you should put thought into is your blinds. Let’s take a look at why this is so important.

Closing Time

The first reason why having blinds as part of your storefront is important is their use during closing time. When business hours are coming to an end, pull down some quality blinds. This will not only maintain the businesses classy appearance, it will also help with security.

Keeping your windows uncovered after close will allow potential intruders to see inside. Being able to see the merchandise inside and that there’s no one around is a great way to guarantee a robbery. However, if you pull down some nice blinds and keep the light on, the interior will be a mystery. Having the light on alludes to the possibility that staff may still be occupying the building.

Logo Backdrop

If you’re looking for a clean aesthetic to your business, blinds can also be left fully or partially closed during business hours. This can make the inside seem like more of an oasis as well as provide a backdrop for any logos on the window. Many people, especially those running out of a strip, like to have their business name on the window. If you choose to advertise this way, you can benefit from blinds as a backdrop.

It can be hard to read text on a window if there’s a lot going on behind it. Having a solid type of blinds, like the Ninet, will make it easier for people to read your business name. It will also give your business a calmer appearance, which is great for a lot of business types.

Print On Blinds

If you don’t have your brand on your window, you may be interested in putting your brand in your window. Domir is happy to announce we also offer print on blinds. These are a type of window screen that we can custom print on. This will allow you to pull down your window screen, filling your front window with your logo design.

  • Print on blinds are a simple way to accomplish a lot at once. They:
  • Advertise to passersby
  • Block out unwanted sunlight
  • Make the interior of the business seem calm, even if the window faces a busy street
  • Provide a clean backdrop for any decorations you have sitting in the window to bring attention to your business’s purpose

If you’re interested in ordering some new blinds for your business, contact us at Domir! We’re the manufacturer and that means no middlemen driving up prices. You can even get up to 50% off for orders over a certain price.

The Accessibility and Convenience of Motorized Blinds


The Accessibility and Convenience of Motorized BlindsThere are a number of household fixtures that are seen in the modern world as luxuries. The truth is, a lot of this is just social stagnation. We’ve come to a point in time when even certain luxuries are affordable to the working class. And, not only are they affordable, for some households, they’re even necessary. Let’s spend some time looking at how motorized blinds affect a building’s accessibility and convenience.

Motorizing Your Blinds

When you motorize your blinds, it makes it possible to control your blinds from a smartphone or tablet. That means you can open or close them without getting up from your seat. Forget to close the blinds in the living room when you went to bed? Not a problem. Maintain your privacy by closing them right from your phone. The ability to motorize blinds makes everything easier.


With the number of households in Canada that are home to someone disabled or elderly, it’s an important that accessibility features become affordable. One such feature is motorized blinds. Why are motorized blinds important to the disabled? When someone has limited mobility, opening the blinds can be difficult or impossible. The struggle can lead to many disabled or elderly people forgoing the act altogether.

This poses a problem. The problem with people being unable to easily open their blinds is that sunshine is a vital source of vitamin D. Being deficient in vitamin D is a huge problem for the human body and can cause all kinds of problems, including increased pain levels. Because so many disabled and elderly people already have trouble with vitamin D deficiency, getting enough sun is important for their health. Motorized blinds make filling their homes with sunshine possible again – without draining them of energy they can’t afford to spare.


Even for able-bodied people, motorized blinds make a huge difference. The convenience of it can’t be beat. A new parent, rocking a sleeping baby, can remain in their seat, using their phone to darken the room. A work-from-home employee can lighten their office without getting up and pulling themselves from their work. The applications are endless. No matter who you are, you can lead a more efficient and more convenient life by automating your blinds.

Office Applications

Motorized blinds are especially useful for offices and other commercial buildings. With the number of windows in a corporate office, opening and closing the blinds by hand would be a nightmare. Using motorized blinds, you can quickly light up or darken a room with the simple touch of a smartphone.

Automated blinds are even greater for stacked windows. If your building has high ceilings and high windows, motorized blinds are a must-have. How else will you cover or uncover your high windows? You would have to get a ladder if you wanted to adjust them. By automating them, you make changing the position of your blinds simple – no ladders, no reaching, no struggling.

Contact us at Domir Blinds if you need assistance with your order or have questions about our products. We would be happy to help!

Precision Light Control with Magic Lite Blinds


Precision Light Control with Magic Lite BlindsAn age-old struggle with blinds is the inability to control exactly how much light is coming in. Magic Lite blinds are all the convenience and simplicity of regular blinds without the struggle. You can control exactly how much light you want coming in. Let’s take a look at what makes Magic Lite so uniquely convenient.

Simple Controls

Magic Lite is easy to control. You don’t need any complicated mechanisms to get the light you want. Just use simple cords, like normal blinds but with all the control you could ask for. You can even motorize your Magic Lite blinds to get the simplest control yet.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are easy and convenient. For some, they’re even necessary. Everyone can benefit from motorized blinds. Disabled, elderly, or even just really busy people can make light control easy with this one simple addition.

When you motorize your blinds, you make it possible to control them entirely from your smart phone or tablet. That means full light control without leaving your seat. This can be especially useful for new parents or those who work from home. You can adjust how dark the room is without interrupting your sleeping baby or pulling yourself away from work.

Light Control

Magic Lite isn’t like regular blinds. While classic blinds let in light no matter if they’re closed, Magic Lite is different. With these fantastic blinds, you can go from full exposure to blackout coverage with the pull of a cord. This makes Magic Lite the best window coverage option for any room in the house.

Computer rooms notoriously have problems with lighting due to reflection on computer screens. Bedroom windows sometimes let in light a little too early. They can be especially problematic if you work night shift and have to sleep during the day. The nursery being flooded with light can make it difficult for baby to fall asleep. No matter what room you think of, it will be more functional with the lighting control of Magic Lite.

Business Advantages

These blinds are especially great for businesses. Because of its sleek and attractive appearance, Magic Lite will make any professional window look its best. The lighting control is great too. No more glaring sunlight on laptop screens. No more sun rays leaking in through the window of a presentation room. Alternatively, make sure your staff room gets as much light as it needs. No matter how much coverage or exposure you need, Magic Lite will give you everything you need in an attractive, contemporary package.

If you have questions about our products or would like to inquire about making an order, contact us at Domir Blinds. Our friendly staff is looking forward to your call and is happy to help make your order as easy as possible.

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