How to Keep Sunlight from Glaring on Your Laptop Screen

How to Keep Sunlight from Glaring on Your Laptop Screen

Using a laptop is something most people are familiar with these days. After all, it’s all of the necessity and convenience of a computer with the added bonus of portability. Laptops come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and systems. However, if there’s one thing that binds all laptop users together, it’s the infuriating glare of the sun on our screens. So, how do you keep sunlight from glaring on your laptop screen? Let’s talk about the solution that will make your home a safe haven for laptop use: filtering blinds.

Blinds and Laptops

Your home should always provide the most comfortable environment for you to do everyday tasks. That includes checking your email and talking with friends from your laptop. The problem is, so many people have to battle the sunlight coming in through their windows to get anything done. Even standard blinds won’t keep the light out. Rays of sunlight will come in from beside blinds, between the slats, or even the holes where strings hold standard blinds together. These errant rays of light can end up obscuring your screen from anywhere in the room.

Instead of succumbing to the temptation to pin a blanket over the window, it’s time to buy some blinds that actually do their job. Domir can help with that.

Roller Blinds

If you like sleek, utilitarian fixtures, roller blinds may be right up your alley. Roller blinds come in a number of different forms. While roller blackout shades are a possibility that will solve your sunlight problem, they’re not for everyone. Most people enjoy having some amount of light through the windows during the day. For those people, roller screens might be just what you need.

Roller screens are flat, light-filtering screens that cover the window entirely. Implementing side channels will keep sunlight from being able to sneak in around the sides as well. These screens are possible to see through from the inside, preserving your view of the outdoors. However, from the outside, they block everything, ensuring your privacy remains intact. Light is able to come through roller screens, but not UV or direct sunlight. That means a nice, comfortable glow that won’t glare on your screen.

The Improvement on Curtains

If you want something a bit more elegant, sheer vertical blinds are a great choice. These blinds are more similar to curtains than to standard blinds, but they do more than a simple piece of fabric. Sheer vertical blinds come with two layers. The first layer is a kind of screen. It will allow in indirect light, filter UVs, and give a one-way view of the outdoors. The second layer is thick, working as blackout blinds and keeping all light out. With this duo of layers, you can keep sunlight from glaring on your laptop screen or darken the room for movie night.

Get Better Prices with Domir

While many stores offer blinds of varying types, what makes Domir Blinds different is that we manufacture blinds. As a manufacturer, our prices are lower than store prices. Any product sold in stores is marked up to cover the payment of employees and ensure the store makes a profit. When you shop Domir, you get to cut out third party markups and pay solely for the product and its manufacturing. Call us today if you have any questions about how to order.

Improve Your RV Blinds by Shopping Domir

Improve Your RV Blinds by Shopping Domir

There are so many things in life that are often overlooked by manufacturers and stores alike. We strive to consider the use of our products for people of all types. That’s why we want to shine a light on how you can improve your RV blinds, because we know campers and travelers are frequently overlooked outside of specialized products. Here’s how we can help.

RV Manufacturing Standards

The first thing we want to talk about is RV manufacturing standards. While there are tons of high class RVs that are made for clients with deep pockets, there are certain things that run consistent in the industry. One such thing is the low quality of RV blinds.

When RV manufacturing companies put together a new RV, the goal is to provide the best possible appearance to potential buyers. Under the surface, there are often tons of corners that have been cut. While higher priced RVs have less cut corners, they still, often, maintain the same low quality in areas that are overlooked. One such area is the blinds. 

Almost every new RV owner is looking out for things like the size of the bathroom, how much expandable space the RV has, and the quality of things like the carpet or kitchen appliances. Every time, almost without fail, no one notices the blinds. This allows companies to put in cheap, slatted, metal blinds, or low quality honeycomb blinds.

Impact on Travel

Why do the blinds in an RV matter? The answer is simple: RV blinds are the one thing giving you privacy while you’re out and about in the world, traveling. When you park an RV for the night, you’re likely doing so near others in the same boat. That means people who could see in through your windows. When parked for the night, any light inside the RV will turn windows into something like a TV screen. Anyone outside can see anything inside, like a movie – and you’re the star.

Plus, blinds aren’t just for privacy. They’re also for keeping sunlight under control. Cheap blinds are often made without much regard to efficiency. As long as they block out most of the light, people will accept them. 

The thing is, you deserve better. You paid good money on an RV so that you could have a high quality traveling experience. Light that obscures your laptop screen, sun-bleaches the expensive couch upholstery, and potentially allow in unwanted gazes is not what you signed up for.

RV Blinds

The solution is taking the quality of your RV blinds into your own hands. Replacing blinds in an RV means getting to pick out exactly the qualities you want in blinds. Check out the different styles available from our products list and imagine how those would improve your travels. We’ve got blackout screens, light-filtering roller screens, beautiful honeycomb blinds of the highest quality, hybrid blinds, and more. Call us if you have questions on how to order and we’ll be happy to help you out.

How to Prevent Sun Bleaching Without Foregoing Sunlight

How to Prevent Sun Bleaching Without Foregoing Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the most well-loved parts of living on planet Earth. However, it can also cause a litany of problems. One such problem is sun bleaching. You can avoid sun bleaching by keeping your curtains closed, but then your home is left in the dark. How do we find a happy medium? Is it possible to prevent sun bleaching without shutting out the sun completely? Of course you can! Here’s how Domir Blinds can save your belongings from damage without depriving you of the sunlight you love.

What Causes Sun Bleaching?

Sun bleaching is what when a colored item is exposed to direct sunlight often. The UV rays in the sunlight break down the dye molecules. That means a blanket, shirt, or even a plastic figurine can have the dye taken right out of it just by sitting in the sun!

You can see this happening often with blankets on a made bed. One corner of the bed may be in line with the sunlight coming in through the bedroom window. That one corner, exposed to the same sun every day, will slowly become lighter than the rest of the blanket. This phenomenon is also easy to spot with outdoor kids’ toys, such as slides, child-sized picnic tables, and rubber balls. If left outside in the sun, they will lose their vibrant colors over time.

Blocking UV Rays

So, the solution to prevent sun bleaching is simple. You simply need to block UV rays. The easiest way to do this is by shutting out sunlight entirely. Keeping the curtains closed in your guest room will protect the blankets there from getting damaged. However, what about the rest of your home? If you shut all the curtains when the sun is out, you’ll live in perpetual darkness. This isn’t an option for most people. Not only does a complete lack of sunlight cost more in electric to light a home, but can also lead to depression and other health problems from a lack of vitamin D.

Letting in Sunlight

Instead of blocking out sunlight, let it all come flooding in! As long as something is screening out UV rays, the sun will do no harm to you or your belongings. That’s where Domir Blinds comes in. We have a number of blinds available that provide a UV screen.

For example, our roller screens are easy to pull down and block out UV. They let in plenty of sunlight though. Plus, you can still see outside even with roller screens down. However, just because you can see out of a roller screen doesn’t mean your neighbors can see in. Roller screens provide one-way visibility, making them fantastic for blocking UV and unwanted eyes. Furthermore, roller screens also provide insulation, keeping out unwanted heat in the summer and saving you money on cooling.

Order Domir

If you want blinds that will improve all aspects of home life, we’ve got what you need at Domir. If roller screens aren’t your style, check out our sheer vertical blinds and other designs that block UV. Give us a call if you need help ordering or have questions about our products.

How to Block Skylight Windows

How to Block Skylight Windows

Skylights are wonderful features in many homes. However, sometimes their placement isn’t ideal. If you’ve moved into a home with skylights, you might be wondering what on earth the builders were thinking, installing a skylight right over the master bed. Tired of waking up to blinding light in your face? Ready to be rid of the noontime sunlight that makes your kitchen unusable? Domir Blinds has the easy solution for those who want to block skylight windows.

Avoid Costly Renovations

If you’re desperate to be rid of a skylight, you might be tempted to have it removed or sealed off. However, both of these modifications can cost a lot of money. Removal of a skylight means renovating part of the roof, adding drywall, and so on. Even just blocking off a skylight with drywall and spackle can be pricy. Not to mention, if not done properly, this covering can be dangerous, as it’s possible for it to come loose and fall. 

Block Skylight Windows with Skylight Blinds

Instead, get special skylight blinds. Skylight blinds are specifically made to cover skylights. By implementing side channels, your skylight covering will remain horizontal, simply sliding along the channels to open or close. Keep your skylight covered permanently, or simply close it off during the brightest hours of the day. 

This temporary and adaptable solution to block skylight windows is great for those who enjoy their skylight at many points of the day. For example, if you have a kitchen skylight that hurts your eyes when making lunch but provides helpful illumination while making breakfast, there’s no reason not to leave it uncovered until noon. The question then becomes, how do you open and close blinds on the ceiling?

Motorize Them for Reversible Blockage

The answer is simple! Motorized blinds are more accessible than ever with the use of smart phones. The motor is located in the fascia – the part where the shade or screen rolls up. You can use your phone to control the blinds from safely on the ground. This makes your skylight as accessible as any other window in your home.

Order Domir

If you want quality skylight blinds, Domir Blinds is the best place to buy them. Our blinds are high quality, cheaper than those sold at third party stores, and can be bought in bulk, in the case that you’re looking for light control in an office or other large building.

Give us a call today if you have questions about our products, how to buy them, or how to install them. We look forward to helping you with your order and ensuring our products work to your satisfaction and beyond.

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