Custom Colored Blinds for Playful Home Interiors

Custom Colored Blinds for Playful Home Interiors

While most of our blinds are shown in neutral, popular tones, there’s so much more than that available to you. If you like a burst of color in your home, Domir Blinds has exactly what you need. Here are some custom colored blinds options you can implement in your home when ordering from us.

Accent Color Roller Shades

Roller shades aren’t the most popular blinds choice, particularly because most people aren’t interested in plain white shades. But, did you know you can order roller shades in a number of colors and patterns? A plain sheet of white covering your window may be bland and unappealing. However, imagine them in a bright accent color that ties your whole interior design together.

One of our favorite, bold interior design styles is contrasting your blinds color with your paint color. Imagine a deep blue wall with a creamy orange shade. Bring some light to your teen’s black walls by installing a bright green or yellow shade. Matching bright with dark has been a favorite since the beginning of time. Reinvent this trend with your own tastes in mind.

Custom Design Print-On Blinds

Print-on blinds are most commonly used in shop windows. They’re great for printing on store names, logos, or even sale advertisements. However, print-on blinds aren’t commercial exclusive. You can buy these for your own home as well. Any design you can create, commission, or find for free use can be put onto these blinds and used as decoration.

Print-on blinds with colorful designs or illustrations are perfect for nurseries or kids’ rooms. There’s no reason for the creativity to end when you reach the window. Say goodbye to plain, white slats and say hello to a themed shade with your child’s favorite animals printed onto it.

Complimentary Blinds

Shades aren’t the only blinds that come in color. One of our buyers’ favorite designs, the Ninet, also comes in more than just tan. Compliment your home interior aesthetic with a suitable design in a color that matches. If you’ve got a lot of red tones in your living room, cover your window with a deep red or brown set of Ninet blinds. Compliment tans and whites with a pale, earthy green. Change your window from a gaping hole in your design to a leading part.

Pair with Curtains

Often, the reason why people don’t go for colored blinds – aside from not knowing they can – is the desire to use curtains. However, there are more ways to pair blinds with curtains than getting your curtains in color over a backdrop of white.

Experimenting with color combinations can lead to some great discoveries. But, if you want to keep things simple, you can also change things up in more subtle ways. If you’ve got dark blue curtains, try light grey or pale blue blinds. If you’ve got dark, colored walls, try black blinds and curtains in a lighter shade of your wall color. There are a lot of ways to make blinds part of your decor instead of merely coexisting with it.

The Best Blinds for Nocturnal Sleepers

The Best Blinds for Nocturnal Sleepers

Being nocturnal isn’t a popular choice, but for many people, it’s a necessary part of working the night shift. Unfortunately, our homes aren’t exactly made to accommodate sleeping during the day. Most people want lots of sunshine coming into their homes. The bigger the windows, the better the house – right? Well, not for all of us. If you need to catch some Z’s during the day, you’ll love to learn more about the best blinds for nocturnal sleepers. Here’s what we’ve got for you at Domir Blinds.

Blackout Roller Shades

The most common way to block out unwanted sunlight is by installing blackout roller shades. These shades are one solid piece of thick fabric. It unrolls from the top by pulling on the bottom. Paired with side channels, blackout roller shades can block out even the midday sun.

You’ve probably seen something similar in use in classrooms. They’re great for large windows and are low fuss. Because they’re one piece, they’re easy to clean and less likely to get damaged like cheap, aluminum slats.

Blinds with Advanced Light Control

If you prefer a little more variety than just all sun or no sun, you might like blinds with advanced light control. Magic Lite is exactly that. These blinds are made with wide, wooden slats that can be adjusted to allow full exposure or to completely block out sunlight. No matter what you need, Magic Lite can give it to you.

Plus, these blinds are extremely attractive and modern. They look good in virtually any interior setting. Their hardiness and sharp lines offer a masculine appearance, which looks great paired with other masculine design elements or complimented with more curved or soft design elements.

Blackout Elegance

Want something a bit more feminine in your interior? Blackout elegance peaks with sheer vertical blinds. These blinds are like high tech curtains that are made for the needs of the modern world. Made with two layers, they offer different levels of light depending on current needs.

The first layer is a sheer, privacy layer. This layer filters sunlight, blocking UV. It also provides privacy by offering one-way views of the outdoors without allowing others to see inside. When you want to close out the light completely, simply pull shut the second layer of fabric. This layer is thick and made to function as blackout curtains. This makes them the best in elegant blinds for nocturnal sleepers. After all, you shouldn’t have to give up on your design sense just because you sleep at odd hours.

Order Domir

If you want the best blackout blinds for nocturnal sleepers, order from Domir blinds. Get blinds in custom colors that fit your interior and quality that won’t leave you disappointed.

Hypoallergenic Blinds for Your Home

Hypoallergenic Blinds for Your Home

If you’re sensitive to allergens, you might be surprised how much your blinds are impacting your health. Blinds are huge dust collectors. However, did you know certain blinds are better for your allergies than others? Domir Blinds has taken some notes on which blinds are the most hypoallergenic and we’re back and ready to share!

Dust Traps

The first type of blinds we’re going to look at are what we’re going to refer to as dust traps. These blinds are like dust magnets. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your style of cleaning.

Pretty much any type of blinds that involves an outer layer of fabric is going to be a dust trap. Honeycomb blinds, Ninet, and anything like curtains will collect dust constantly. If you’re looking for something easy to upkeep, these aren’t for you. However, they come with a benefit.

Because fabric holds on to dust better than a smooth surface, you can let them go without cleaning for longer. There is a limit to this. Leaving the blinds for 6 months will mean enough dust buildup that just opening and closing them will put a bunch of it back into the air and, therefore, your lungs. However, you can easily go a couple of months without cleaning them and not have to worry about them flinging dust particles all over the place when you use them.

The downside is, well, you have to wash them. Vacuuming may work as an alternative, but it won’t be as effective as fully submerging them in water. This is high maintenance and undesirable for most people. However, if you’re set on fabric blinds or you would rather do a deep clean every few months than upkeep every few days, it may be worth your while.


The next type of blinds are those that are easy to clean. Easy-to-clean blinds are made up of slick surfaces that don’t hold on to dust. Magic Lite and standard, slatted blinds are in this group, though Magic Lite is better for reasons we’ll explain.

Easy-to-clean blinds don’t hold on to dust, which means they’re much easier to clean. You simply need a wet rag or a static duster to remove all of the dust from them in under a minute. However, because they don’t hold on to the dust, you have to perform this maintenance more frequently. Once a week is the minimum amount of time you can leave them to collect. Otherwise, when you open and close them, all of that dust will be blown back into the air. Unfortunately, this is about as hypoallergenic as blinds can be.

Always Closed

If you’re not keen on constant cleaning to prevent your blinds from assaulting your lungs every time you open or close them, you may want to get some window coverings that can remain closed most of the time. This would include things like roller screens. Roller screens filter in sunlight and allow some one-way visibility of the outdoors. That means you don’t have to open them to get sunlight or close them to get privacy.

Because they can stay closed all the time, it doesn’t really matter if some dust collects on them. You can clean them when it’s convenient and, the rest of the time, they can just sit there, not moving. So long as dust isn’t being stirred up, the air will remain as clear as usual.

Pet Friendly Blinds That Look Great

Pet Friendly Blinds That Look Great

If you have pets, you may be struggling with your standard blinds. Most homes and apartments come with aluminum, slatted blinds. These, however, are not exactly pet friendly. If you’re tired of your blinds being bent out of shape, chewed on, or otherwise destroyed by your clueless but well-meaning pets, it may be time for an upgrade to more pet friendly blinds.

Flexible Materials

The first option for pet friendly blinds is something with more flexible materials. Aluminum slats may be flexible enough to bend out of place, but they’re not flexible enough to bounce right back. Even when bent back into position, they’ll maintain some ugly bend marks to commemorate that bird your dog saw intruding in the front yard.

Instead, if you want flexible, you have to go all the way. Sheer vertical blinds are like high tech curtains. However, unlike curtains, they come with some incredible perks to light flow and privacy. Another perk they come with is that they’re unbothered by your dog pushing past to get to the window. However, if you have cats, you may be better suited to a different style if it has a habit of sharpening its claws on the nearest fabric.

Sturdy Materials

The other option is to go for something more sturdy. Instead of completely making way for your pets, you can opt for something that will withstand them. Magic Lite may be the perfect solution. The sturdy, wooden slats of Magic Lite are wide and unbendable.

Although, you should be warned: if your dog is destructive enough, even Magic Lite won’t keep it from getting to the window one way or another. These beautiful blinds may just become another casualty in your journey to finding a solution.

On the other hand, Magic Lite is a very suitable design for cat owners. Cats aren’t typically strong enough to do damage to something as hardy as Magic Lite. Unlike aluminum slats, a cat brushing against it won’t be enough to bend it out of the way, revealing the window and tempting them to reach it. 

Pet Safety

The next concern is pet safety. While every pet owner knows some tricks (such as throwing the blinds cord over the fascia), it’s better to get blinds that are pet friendly across the board.

If you have a small dog that takes more interest in the blinds cord than the slats, Ninet may be worth looking into. These blinds are similar to honeycomb blinds in that they use fabric to insulate them. Inside, there are something like standard blinds. This allows light control while still maintaining privacy. Plus, the cord is a pulley style that can be attached to the wall. The same goes for honeycomb blinds.

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If you’re ready to upgrade from your banged-up aluminum blinds, we’re ready to help. Order from Domir Blinds to get high quality designs that fit right in with your fur family and their undesirable habits.

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