Why Presentation Rooms Need Blackout Shades

Why Presentation Rooms Need Blackout Shades

Whether you’re a professional or an academic, you know how important presentations can be. An accessible and well-made presentation can be the difference between a class understanding a vital concept in your course or a group of superiors supporting your new pitch. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why presentation rooms need blackout shades… or is it? Let’s look at the specifics of how blackout shades improve presentation room success rates.

Less Distraction

To start, let’s talk about the most obvious benefit of covering windows during presentations. Windows may offer a great view – a plus in most cases. However, when giving a presentation, a great view, or an expansive one, can quickly become a distraction. If you’re giving a lecture, the last thing you need is students getting distracted by someone messing around outside.

By covering windows during a presentation, you keep viewers centered on what’s being presented. Whether that’s new information in their field or a sales pitch for that new account you’re aiming for, we want you to succeed. That’s the first reason presentation rooms need blackout shades.

No Sun Glare

While it might not be the most immediate thing you think of when considering presentations, blackout blinds are actually vital for preventing sun glare. Presentation screens, whether done with projector or with a corded connection with a computer, require some level of darkness. Too much light will obscure the screen, making it hard or downright impossible to see.

Instead of forcing viewers to strain their eyes or guess at what they’re missing, provide your presentation with the darkness it needs to really shine. Blackout shades will keep daylight from interrupting the quality of your hard-made presentation.

Motorized Convenience

Not keen on circling the room to close and reopen shades every time you need to turn on a projector? Make opening and closing your blackout shades as easy as the tap of a button by motorizing your blinds. Motorized blackout shades can be connected to a handy app on any smart device. Then, when you’re ready to present, simply instruct them to close, right from your phone or tablet. Not only is this convenient, it adds to the professionalism of your presentation.

An Overall Success

With these three things in mind, you can see how blackout shades can completely alter the trajectory of any presentation. On one hand, you have distracted viewers who are struggling to see the screen, and on the other, a fluid transition from daylight to darkness and a room full of focused and engaged viewers.

If you want to improve your presentations, get your presentation room the blackout shades it needs. You can buy blackout shades, roller screens, and many other blinds designs right from Domir Blinds. Call us today if you have any questions about our products, their effects on sunlight diffusion, or how to order. We look forward to assisting you!

Get Ready for the Summer Sun by Upgrading Your Blinds

Get Ready for the Summer Sun by Upgrading Your Blinds

The summer sun is on its way. Is your home prepared? If your blinds are outdated or simply not doing their job, late spring is the perfect time for upgrading your blinds. Here are some things your blinds are responsible for this summer. Are yours going to be doing their job?

Regulating Temperature

First and foremost, your blinds are a key element in your home’s temperature regulation. Did you know having blinds that insulate can save you a significant amount of money on cooling? Without blinds, sunlight will come straight through your window, heating up your home much faster than if it was stopped short at the blinds. Metal, slatted blinds are poor insulators, even when completely closed. But who wants to sit in the dark all summer? A happy medium is better for everyone.

Blocking UV

Want to protect your skin? A lot of people don’t realize that they’re just as susceptible to sunburns and skin damage from inside as they are outside. If you’re in direct sunlight through a window, it can actually amplify the effects, like a magnifying glass.

There are many kinds of blinds, such as honeycomb blinds, the ninet, and roller screens that block out UV while still letting in the glow of sunlight that you enjoy so much during this time of year.

Preventing Sun-Bleaching

Because our blinds are responsible for blocking out UV, they’re also responsible for preventing sun-bleaching. Damage caused to fabrics by the sun is specifically attributed to the UV in sunlight. Therefore, if you take the UV out of the equation, sunlight is no longer a threat to that lovely blanket you have across your bed.

Keeping Screens Visible

Direct sunlight does more than just threaten us with damage, it also threatens us with extreme inconvenience. Sure, sure, there might be bigger problems in the world than the glare of the sun on your TV screen. However, that doesn’t mean screen glare won’t have the power to drive you up the wall this summer. 

Make your relaxing time actually relaxing by protecting your screen from direct sunlight and upgrading your blinds. That goes for the TV, the computer, a handheld game console, or even your cellphone. If you find yourself squinting at a screen because the sun is getting in your way, your blinds are not doing their job.

Protecting Your Eyes

Screen glare is one inconvenience, but sunlight getting directly in your eyes is another. Not only is direct sunlight in your eyes irritating and inconvenient, it’s also bad for your eyes. Instead of squinting against the evening sun shining directly in your face through the kitchen window, get the best of both worlds with a roller screen or the ninet. Both allow sunlight to filter in through them without allowing direct rays to hit you in the eyes.

Giving You Privacy While Letting in Sun

And, last but not least, we can’t disregard privacy. Your blinds are responsible for giving you privacy from the world around you. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice daylight to get it either. By upgrading your blinds with a roller screen, honeycomb blinds, or sheer vertical blinds, you can maintain  your privacy while still enjoying daylight hours. Light up your home without sacrificing what matters. Give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have any questions about our products or how to order.

Save Money on Blinds by Ordering Through the Manufacturer

Save Money on Blinds by Ordering Through the Manufacturer

Buying blinds in bulk can become quite pricey, especially when you’re paying third party overhead to a chain store. While buying blinds from hardware stores, department stores, or warehouses may seem like the easiest solution, it’s actually no easier than ordering direct and will cost you a lot more money. If you want to save money on blinds, you need to order through the manufacturer. Let’s take a look at why this is the best solution for buying blinds in bulk.

Get Everything You Need

One of the first benefits we can see right away from ordering directly from the manufacturer is the ability to get everything you need right from one place. Big box stores will only buy and sell the blinds they think suit their consumer base. That means you, the consumer, can miss out on some great designs that are perfect for what you need. When you order from the manufacturer (that’s us!) you can choose from all kinds of designs, choosing what’s right for you and not settling on less.

Specific to bulk buying, shopping from the manufacturer comes with another major perk. Big box stores will only carry as many blinds as they reasonably expect to sell in a short period of time. If they don’t sell blinds very fast, they won’t have many available.

If you’re outfitting the windows of an entire office building, you’re going to run a big box store out of blinds in no time. Don’t wait on them to restock before buying the rest, all for an inflated price. Get all the blinds you need from Domir, right out the gate.

Cut Out Third Party Costs

One of the most compelling reasons to buy from the manufacturer is that it saves you a significant amount of money. When a big box store sells blinds, or anything else, they have to raise the price to accommodate for employee paychecks. That means you could be paying tens, hundreds, or even thousands more on large orders, all to line the pockets of third party management.

Because Domir is the company providing these blinds to big box stores, we don’t need to inflate their price. Our profit comes directly from selling you our product. So, skip the overpriced blinds at your local hardware store and put in an order with Domir instead.

Get Direct Delivery

When bulk ordering for a large building, buying blinds from a brick and mortar shop can be a hassle. Moving large amounts of blinds may require a truck or many trips to and from the store. Ordering from Domir means you can get direct delivery, right to the building your blinds belong in. Cut out the unnecessary transportation efforts and make your order quick, easy, and cost effective.

Give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have any questions about what he have to offer or how to make your order and save money on blinds today.

Department Store Blinds for Shop Windows

Department Store Blinds for Shop Windows

Want to take your department store look to the next level? It’s time to look into department store blinds. Putting high quality blinds in your shop windows can really improve curb appeal, bringing in new customers very effectively. But, not all blinds are equal. Let’s break down department store blinds options and see which ones are the best choice for you and your store.

Consider Your Audience

The first step in choosing the right department store blinds is knowing your audience. What kind of consumers are you trying to attract? Do you want customers who are looking for the next great deal? Or, are you searching for shoppers with a higher budget? What kind of shoppers you’re trying to attract makes a huge difference when it comes to display styles. After all, the window of a store is the first thing people see. And what you see is what you get, right?

Let’s look at some of the ways you can outfit your shop windows and what these methods say about the contents of your store.


When your department store specializes in great deals, closeouts, and bargains, advertisement is the way to go. A shop window with merchandise displayed with no advertisements is going to look more professional, high class, and expensive. Therefore, if you want to draw in people looking for a deal, you need to put that deal front and center.

This is easy to do with print on blinds. Print on blinds are simple shades that can be pulled down over a window. They have a printed design on the outside that’s easy to see from the shop exterior when pulled down to display. Print on blinds are a great opportunity for printing your store logo, popular brands you offer, and great deals that you regularly offer. 

Window Shopping

If you’re more interested in showing off products than numbers, having blinds that work to frame and draw attention to your merchandise is a necessity. Cheap, metal, slatted blinds may be affordable, but they’re overly cheap looking and promise a run-down interior. Instead, opt for something like honeycomb blinds. This blinds can be kept partially down during the day to block out unwanted sunlight while remaining raised enough to reveal displays to passers by. 

Plus, if you opt for motorized blinds, you can put them down the rest of the way when the store is closed. Closed blinds and curtains during closing hours is a great way to prevent robbery. That’s because burglars are less likely to risk breaking in when they aren’t sure the shop is vacant.

Beautiful Backdrop

Last, but not least, let’s talk about our more expensive display styles. If you’re looking for high-paying customers, you need to offer high-paying appeal. This is where sheer vertical blinds come in. Mounting sheer vertical blinds a couple of feet from your window provides a gorgeous backdrop for pricey window displays. 

Put out your best manikins with this summer’s hottest outfits, next spring’s bridal trends, or pedestals of name brand bags. Sheer vertical blinds will block out all of the interior shop distractions and allow your potential guests to focus on what matters: the promise of something wonderful inside.

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