9 Home Décor Styles and Their Matching Window Treatments


There are so many different ways you can decorate the interior of your home. Here are some popular styles and some ideas on what window treatments go well with them:



This style takes you back to the relaxed beachside experience with light shades of white, blue, and beige. It’s anchored by furniture with weathered wood accents as well as other nautical materials like rope and wicker. Magic-Lite blinds match this style very nicely with its large shutter-like slats that can be opened wide to add to the airy feel.



Contemporary is a catch-all term to describe what’s trending in the present day. Because it’s ever-changing, what better way to represent the current trend than roller screens that show the view outside? That way, you don’t have to change them so often and you can just focus on swapping out furniture and accessories.



It’s rustic warmth coupled with refined charm that makes heavy use of wood and pastel colours. Definitely go with real wooden blinds or roller shades with pale plaid or gingham patterns.



Live the high life with glitz and glamour being the inspiration behind every décor element! You’ll want the versatility of print-on blinds to put up any bold design you want.



Exposed elements of raw wood and metal bring to mind the look of warehouses or factories. In that theme, aluminum roller blinds are the way to go. Turning them into motorized blinds will also add to the industrial aesthetic.



Minimalism in home décor is about stripping everything down to its essentials and letting the space breathe. The nondescript look of roller shades pay homage to that philosophy.



There’s a crisp sleekness to the modern style that speaks to an optimistic hope for the future. Whichever window treatments you choose, make sure you enclose them with side channels to maintain the streamlined feel of modern design.



The snowy landscapes of the Nordic countries are brought to the interior with shades of white alongside wood, furs, and heavy wool fabrics. The winter wonderland sensation can be enhanced even more with the soft white of Ninet shades.



The transitional style serves as the bridge between the traditional and modern looks. Roller blinds offer the same well-rounded flexibility. You can go with either wood blinds or aluminum ones depending on how you want to balance out the furniture materials.


Go ahead and dress your windows in the style you love!


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